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Access Map

  • Get off Kyoto City bus at ‘Gojohzaka’bus stop

    Go along Gojohzaka 5 minutes, pass Chawanzaka, you will see the branch on your right.

    From JR at Kyoto station

    At bus stop D2, take Kyoto city bus number 206 for route ‘Higashiyamadohri-Kitaohji Bus terminal’; Or, at bus stop D1, take Raku bus number 100 for route ‘Kiyomizudera-Gion Ginkakuji’. Then get off at "Gojohzaka"

    From Keihan line at Kiyomizugojoh station

    Exit at gate 4 of the train station, go straight east. When you reach Gojohzaka, go pass Chawanzaka. Continue go down the slope, you will see the store on your right. It takes about 15 minnutes totally.

  • From Hankyuh line at Shijohkawaramachi station

    Take Kyoto city bus number 207 for route‘Kiyomizudera・Tohfukuji’. Then, get off at ‘Gojohzaka’.

    By taxi

    Tell the taxi driver, “Stop in front of the parking area of Kiyomizuzaka sightseeing on Gojohzaka”, and you will see the branch on the opposite side of the parking area.

    Come from Kiyomizudera

    Go down Kiyomizuzaka (Matsubara street), and turn at the 4th corner of ‘Kiyomizudera Keishadoh’ to Gojohzaka. It takes 4 minutes on foot.

  • 3 mins walking
  • 13 mins walking
  • 16 mins walking
  • 22 mins by bus
  • 26 mins by bus
  • 38 mins by train
  • 25 mins by bus
  • 23 mins by bus


  • 1/7
    From the entrance of the Kiyomizudera Temple, climb the Gojuzaka Road. At the traffic lights intersection follow the road indicated by an arrow on the picture.
  • 2/7
    Keep climbing Gojuzaka Road until you notice it split in front of the Chawanzaka. Follow the curve on the left and keep walking straight.

  • 3/7
    Keep walking straight and pass the Higirijizo Yasuyoshin Shrine.

  • 4/7
    After a moment you will notice on your left an autocar parking lot. The Kiyomizuzaka branch is just in front of it!

  • 5/7
    You will notice our kanzashi shop just in front of the autocar parking lot. Go towards it.

  • 6/7
    Our Kiyomizuzaka Branch is located on the second floor of the kanzashi shop. As reference look at the Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo sign on the picture.

  • 7/7
    There is a distinctive mural on the side of the shop. Use it as reference if you are coming from the Kiyomizudera Temple.