• 04.08.2020

    Notice of Temporary Closure Due to the Influence of Corona Virus

  • 04.02.2020

    Notification of Call Center Operating Hours Change

  • 04.01.2020

    Notification of Cancellation Policy Change (from April 1, 2020)

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About Kimono Rental Wargo Kyoto Tower Branch

In Arashiyama where Hankyu and JR Lines cross the river, there are 2 stores of Kimono Renal Wargo: Arashiyama Ekimae and Arashiyama Togetsu Bridge. Renting yukata or kimono at cheaper price for this summer. Kimono is a unique kind of joy which can get on well between temples and nature of Kyoto. Get dressed in yukata. It is the popular option which is chosen by many customers.