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Kimono Dressing FAQs

Q.Do you have kimonos for tall people?

A.Kimono size is about 150 cm ~ 175 cm for women, about 165 cm ~ 200 cm for men and some can be expanded during the dressing. Although it can be worn around even to some extent, please note that it may be canceled if it too difficult to dress. Because we only some of extra sizes, please consult us at the time of reservation.

Q.Can i select obi and kimono accessories ?

A.Yes, you can. Customers can choose obi and other small accessories for themselves. If you are not confident in combination, our staff will help you, please feel free to ask them.

Q.How long does it take for dressing?

A.The dressing time is about 1 hour. But, it may take about 90 minutes to get dressed in Kimono during the spring and autumn, the peak seasons. Please be aware!

Q.Do you have kimonos or hakamas for weddings and graduation ceremonies ?

A.Yes, we do. For more details, please check 【Dress in events】 as reference. Since you can do primary inspections anytime, please don’t hesitate to come to our stores.

Q.Do you have kimonos for children ?

A.Yes, we do. We have small kimonos with sizes from 80cm to 125cm and small yukatas with sizes from 80cm to 140cm for children.

Q.Can i bring my own kimono and ask for your dressing service?

A.Yes, we have the “Kimono dressing”. Also, we rent small accessories for Kimono decoration.

Q.Do you sell kimonos ?

A.No, we are not dealing with this service.

Q.Do you buy kimonos ?

A.No, we are not dealing with this service.

Q.What should i do if i get the kimono dirty ?

A.In case you get the Kimono dirty, do not try to clean it or repair it. Just write down how it gets dirty in a paper form when you return the Kimono. We may charge you the actual fee for laundry or repair if the Kimono gets dirty or damaged remarkably. If you lose the Kimono or the Kimono accessories, we will charge you actual expenses.

Q.What waist size you have?

A.About 100cm for waist size is maximum.

Q.What is the full set?

A.It is the service to print the photos for you. We will give you photos put in a special 2L size photo frame from wargo store.

Q.How many photos can we get?

A.We will give you by 1,500 yen per photo.

Q.Do you conduct the photography one by one?

A.We take photos for the whole group. If you want to have your own photo, please feel free to ask our staff.

Q.What is a security code?

A.It is the 3-digit number written on the back of your credit card.

Q.Is it fine that the card holder name and subscriber name are different?

A.Yes, it is no problem.

Q.The price shown in the homepage is not the same as the online-paid amount.

A.The prices are different in Kimono and Yukata plans. You can choose 【Kimono】 or 【Yukata】 at the top of the reservation window to see the details.

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