Frequently Asked Questions

Hairdressing Service FAQs

Q.Can I have my hair done?
A.The simple hair style with Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) is free of charge. The more complex style such as braids comes with fee. For more details, please refer to Hair styles
Q.Do you lend hair ornaments ?
A.We do lend Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) to customers free of charge. Our Kanzashis can be used for both short and long hair. Additionally, if you rent a Kimono and buy the Kanzashi as souvenir, we offer you a discount ticket to use at all stores of WARGO group. Please make use of it.
Q.How do you get my short hair done?
A.Even with short hair, if it has length to some extent, we still can decorate your hair with Kanzashi (ornament hairpin).
Q.Can I only use your hairdo service?
A.Currently, we only provide hairdo service (both with fee and without fee) for customers who are using our kimono rental. For customers who buy kanzashis at Kanzashi-ya Wargo, we support simple hairstyle so that they can use the kanzashi and start the trip with the new hair.

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