Frequently Asked Questions

Kimono Return FAQs

Q.Can I extend the rental period ?
A.Yes, as a general rule, you need to return the Kimono on the day. However, you can extend the rental period till noon of the following day.
Q.I cannot return the Kimono on due day. What should I do ?
A.Please call us at 075-600-2830 (Japanese or English). We have an optional service for returning Kimonos until next day (fee is 1,000 yen). Or, you can choose another optional service to return Kimonos to another store closer to you (fee is 1,000 yen).
Q.Until what time should I return the Kimono ?
A.Please return the Kimono 1 hour before the closing time of the store where you rent it from in either case: returning Kimonos on the day or on the following day.
You can find returning time of each store in “Stores’ Information” on our website.
Q.May I ask you to deliver my clothes and belongings to my hotel?
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
Q.Can I return the Kimono outside business hours ?
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
Q.Can we return to other branch stores where we don’t rent or wear?
A.Yes, you can use the option to return at other stores at 1,000 yen per customer. In this case, we ask you to come to take your belongings yourselves. Please be understanding.

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