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Q.Where is your shop?
A.Please use the Shop Access page of our website to find the directions to our shops.
Q.What are the earliest and latest service hours?
A.Our shops open at 10:00; if you want to be served between 9:00 and 10:00, additionnal fees will be charged. Regarding the latest hour, it varies depending the shop. Please confirm by looking at the specific shop schedule.
Q.Can we change the appointment time?
A.If you want to change your appointment time on short notice, please call us to the 075-600-2830. (Japanese & English) Modification can be proceed depending the case.
Q.How long does it take to get fully dressed?
A.The whole process (Kimono selection, dressing, hairstyling, etc…) take about an hour. Please kindly note that it might take up to 90 minutes during Spring and Autumn. (Peak Seasons)
Q.Any cloak or trunk space available?
A.Yes, we can keep your luggage! We offer a large eco-bag free of charge to every rental customer. (for change of clothes and small belongings) Trunk service is available for large luggage. (¥500/suitcase)
Q.Is there any parking lot?
A.There is no parking lot affiliated to the shops. Please use the nearest Coin Parking Lot available.
Q.Any makeup service available?
A.We do not offer any makeup service.
Q.Is pregnant women allowed to rent a kimono?
A.For safety purpose we do not provide rental service to pregnant women. (as the obi might pressure the belly, etc)
Q.Any foreign staff working at the shop?
A.Yes, depending the shops. You are welcome to inquire regarding our foreign languages service.
Q.Do you offer Duty Free service?

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