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About Petit Stores FAQs

Q.What is the difference between a Petit Store and a Regular Store?
A.The Petit Stores offer Regular Plan (similar to regular store), but also Student Discount and Girls Squad Plan. Due to a lack of space Petit Stores unfortunately do not offer photography service.
Q.Is it for students only? Can foreigners reserve for the Petit Stores?
A.We advertise it as popular among students, but everyone can reserve and enjoy visiting the Petit Stores. As a plus, students can beneficiate of a Student Discount if they visit the Petit Stores.
Q.How much is the Plan? Any upgrade possibilities available?
A.The Regular Plan for Ladies/Men cost ¥2,900; the Plan for Couples cost ¥5,600 and the Girls Squad Plan ¥2,800. Kindly note that student discount of ¥1,000 is available on all those plans. Only Standard Kimono are hold at the Petit Stores, which make kimono upgrade unavailable. Besides, small options are available such as kanzashi rental.
Q.Is kimono quality lower at the Petit Stores?
A.The kimono offered at the Petit Store are the same as the ones offered for the Standard Plan of our Regular Stores. Same quality; lower price!!
Q.Any Petit Plan available for children?
Q.Is the ¥1,900 Premium Hairstyling option available?
A.No, only the ¥900 Basic Hairstyling option is available.

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