Kamakura Exploration

Kamakura Exploration Kamakura Exploration


      Japan is crowded by tons of shrines, temples and jizo statue. But, there’s one special place that we want to introduce you!! Today we would like to recommend you the seaside tourist city located in Kanagawa Prefecture. (very close to Tokyo!) Yup, it’s Kamakura! (✧∀✧) . .       With its wide range of

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Children Yukatas ★

Children Yukatas ★ Children Yukatas ★


Do you want to rent a kimono or a yukata? Not only for yourself, but also for your whole family? Come and rent at Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo then!! . . . We hold over than 3000 yukatas and 9000 kimonos for everyone; toddlers, children, teenagers and adults!! For this, we can say that wearing

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Festival, Fireworks & Yukata!

Festival, Fireworks & Yukata! Festival, Fireworks & Yukata!


How is everyone! How is the end of June? ^^ . July and summer are at our doors, have you made your plan yet? Many say that traveling in Japan is not that great because of the heat and the rain. Besides weather, Japan in summer has so many amazing things to offer that you

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Why Wargo?

Why Wargo? Why Wargo?


Coming to Japan and looking forward renting a kimono or a yukata? As a plus, you would like to bring back some professional memories on photos to your homeland? Maybe you want to introduce to your family and friends Japanese culture as they come visiting you? Well, Wargo is here for you!! Kyoto Kimono Rental

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Matching Yukata★

Matching Yukata★ Matching Yukata★


Good afternoon everyone!! Let’s brighten your day with a few pictures of the prettiest flowers we had the privilege to dress up at Wargo lately. Not only speaking of the yukata or the kimono, but also of the lovely lady wearing it!! Kimono or yukata rental offers a plenty of possibilities for you and your

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Summer Dance!!

Summer Dance!! Summer Dance!!


Anyone knows Bon Odori? Or has anyone ever danced it? It became famous by being the typical dance practiced during Obon Festival in summer!! Dancing it is that complicated as it is composed by a lot of repetitive movements. You simply form a circle with the other participants around a taiko and follow each other!ヽ

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Unusual Photos

Unusual Photos Unusual Photos


Are you one of those that never know what to do in front of a camera? Maybe you do, but your range of pose is limited at 2 or 3? Or you might possibly just don’t know exactly how to move in a kimono or a yukata? Well, this post is for you!! Here are

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Men in yukata are so cool!!

Men in yukata are so cool!! Men in yukata are so cool!!


Some people seems to think that men dress in kimono or yukata only to match their girlfriend as you would coordinate a pair of shoes with your purse. Gentlemen, stop considering yourself as a matching pouch for your beloved!! As kimono used to dress both women and men, you can have as much personality as

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Yukata & Kimono All-Around the World!!

Yukata & Kimono All-Around the World!! Yukata & Kimono All-Around the World!!


As it assures some backup material for our brain; no doubts that photography is a very important duty for any tourist! If you pass by Japan, why not shaping those timeless paper memories wearing a yukata or a kimono?  You can wear it anywhere all day, become a part of the tourist attraction scenery, ”feel”

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Yukata Duet

Yukata Duet Yukata Duet


Anyone here like to wear twin outfits with their friends? Well this post is for you!! . In Asia, it’s pretty common to see people wearing twin outfits with friends, spouses, parents, children! The concept makes people feel more intimate and bond together. No need to search that much to find some. You only need

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