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The largest in Kyoto! A variety of cheap rentals available at overwhelmingly low prices ♪

Convenient location for sightseeing and shopping! ! Kyoto kimono rental wargo has 20 stores in Kanto Kansai and Hokuriku. Walk in kimono, such a dream comes true for 2980 yen! An overwhelmingly low price that can only be achieved by our company, which develops shops for Japanese accessories. Of course, the quality is top-notch, and we will provide you with a kimono rental at a cheap price as a set until professional dressing!

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    Notice of Temporary Closure Due to the Influence of Corona Virus

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    Notification of Call Center Operating Hours Change

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    Notification of Cancellation Policy Change (from April 1, 2020)

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  • The largest in Kyoto!

    7 stores in Kyoto area!
    The largest store in Kyoto!

  • Latest Trend

    The latest design and fashionable kimono with more than 20,000 collections!

  • Full Set

    Dressing fee and accessories set included with no additional charge!

  • Low Price

    The basic plan start from
    ¥ 2,980- Cheapest in Kyoto area!

Kimono Plans

See recommended rental plans for kimonos

9000 kimonos are free to wear! Tabi free! Kanzashi rental is free! Dressing accessories included from 2,980 yen. Easy online reservations and online payment for cheaper price. We also have a rental plan for couples, Kyoto spot date in kimono is also recommended! Application on the day without reservation is OK!

Standard Kimono Plan
Must try plan for first timer!

Standard Kimono Plan


The most popular affordable plan for everyone, especially students. It is recommended for first timer customers and want to experience kimono without worry. It features basic normal sleeves “komon” kimono with wide range of colors that can create sweet and calm atmosphere. If you can not decide which plan to choose, then here is your answer! Upgrading plan can be done on the day too.

Antique Kimono Plan
The only one of a kind collection

Antique Kimono Plan


Back in 1890, antique kimonos made from silk, centered on the Japanese color scheme and antique-style design kimonos. It is usually combined with luxurious Hanhaba-obi belt containing gold and silver threads, but the flat Nagoya-obi option is also popular. We recommend this plan for customers who looking for the one and only kimono which can not be found in any other place.

Men's Kimono plan
Cool kimono for sightseeing

Men's Kimono plan


A plan for male customers who wants to combine kimono and haori (kimono’s coat) of their favorite colors, from plain color to patterned one. A wide range of colors and size are available to fit our foreign customers! Male customers of various ages can enjoy kimono without worry!

Couple Kimono Plan
A perfect plan just for two

Couple Kimono Plan


A special plan for two! From lovers to parents, this plan is for you. If you dress up in Kimono, it will make your travels more enjoyable and memorable. You can also make suprise gift for your beloved one’s birthday or anniversary. We are happy to support you making memories in beautiful places of Japan with our couple plan.

Children Kimono plan
Fashionable style for children!

Children Kimono plan


Very popular with foreign children! Both boys and girls can choose retro and modern-style kimonos, in set with the obi and haori (kimono’s coat). Available for children from 3 to 10 years old (around 90-130 cm tall). Obi belt can be worn for a long time without suffering, and it is recommended for customers who are going out a full day.


Popular Options

  • Photo Studio

    Let’s take photos for this special occasion! Would you like to make memories with beautiful kimono or yukata?

  • Leave it to our professional hairstylist! Kimono Hairset

    Wear your favourite kimono and arrange your hair set beautifully! Our professional hairstylist will find one that suits you!

  • Outdoor Photo Session Options

    Photos are a must things in a trip! Would you like professional cameraman to catch those precious moments in kimono or yukata with beautiful landscape outside?

  • From family trip to school/company tour! Big Group Kimono Rental Experience

    Won’t you make a wonderful memories in kimono together? Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo partners with professional photographers!

  • Special benefits only for wargo! Jinrikisha is ready to pick you!

    Special benefits only for wargo! If you apply for a rickshaw when booking a kimono rental, you will be picked up at the store!

Shop list

Kimono Rental Wargo Store List

  • Kyoto Tower

    2 minutes walk from Kyoto Station

    Operating Hours:09:00~19:00

    Last reservation time:18:00

    Final returning time:18:30

  • Gionshijo

    1 minute walk from Gionshijo Station

    Operating Hours:09:00~19:00

    Last reservation time:18:00

    Final returning time:18:30

  • Arashiyama Ekimae

    30 seconds walk from Saga Arashiyama Station

    Operating Hours:09:00~18:00

    Last reservation time:17:00

    Final returning time:17:30

  • Arashiyama Togetsukyo

    Next to Randen Arashiyama Station!

    Operating Hours:09:00~18:00

    Last reservation time:17:00

    Final returning time:17:30

  • Kiyomizu Chawanzaka

    Only 5-minute walk to Kiyomizu Temple!

    Operating Hours:09:00~18:00

    Last reservation time:17:00

    Final returning time:17:30

  • Kiyomizuzaka

    Only 5-minute walk to Kiyomizu Temple!

    Operating Hours:09:00~18:00

    Last reservation time:17:00

    Final returning time:17:30

  • Osaka Shinsaibashi store’s

    Near Shinsaibashi Station!

    Operating Hours:10:30~19:30

    Last reservation time:18:30

    Final returning time:19:00

Best Places to Visit in Kimono!

Kyoto Sightseeing Spot Ranking

  • Yasaka Koushindo

    The hottest SNS spot in Gion now! A spot with lots of charms called “Kukurizaru” which is colorful beanbag, all surrounded the colorful Kukuri monkey. Why don't you try taking a cute photo at Yasaka Koushindo in a cute kimono?

  • Kimono Forest

    Kimono Forest located in near Arashiyama Station. This pole is filled with Kyo Yuzen fabrics and welcomes you with a colorful view! It is lit up at night, so you can enjoy it both day and night. Why don't you take a walk here and relaxing for a while?

  • Shoju-in Temple

    Shoju-in is a place that famour with the heart-shaped window. It has become a hot topic on SNS and is popular with tourists as a window that calls for happiness. The light that comes in through the window is also heart-shaped and cute! Shojuin tickling the young ladies's heart, a recommended hot spot for friends and couples!


Frequently Asked Questions

When renting kimonos and bathrobes, answers to frequently asked questions are posted here. If you have any questions about kimono or yukata rental, about dressing, returning, hairset, etc please click here!

Do you have anything to bring with you?
A. Not in particular. All the needed items for Kimono dressing, the inner, tabi socks, and sandals even small bag are included in the plan. But winter in Japan might be very cold. If you have a warm inner with an open/V-neck, you can wear it in advance to make it more convenient.
Please tell me about cancellation
A. In the case of cancellation, please click cancel button from the link [See detailed plans on website] on point 3 of reservation confirmation email up to two days before the scheduled visit date.
However, please note that the following cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation up to 2 days before reservation date : Free cancellation fee
*Administration fee of 500 yen (excluding tax) will be charged
Cancellation of the day before and on the day of reservation date : 100% fee will be charge.
Do you provide hairdo service?
A. We offer a simple basic hairdo with hair accessories (kanzashi) for free / already included in all plan. We also offer a fancier hairdo that consist more complex styles. For details, see See more hairstyles
How long will it takes?
A. Normally, it takes about an hour in total from entering our store until the group is ready to go out. However, please be aware that you may have to wait for a while during the peak time; spring and autumn seasons. See "Rental Flow"
I can't decide which plan to reserve
A. The plan can be changed on the day. If you are worried, please make a reservation with the cheapest plan, and if you would like to change/upgrade, please pay the difference at the store.

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  • Limited to those who rent our kimono! All rental and dressing included! ! Furisode Pre-shoot campaign with ¥ 10,000~

Sightseeing in Kyoto with kimono! Introduction of Kimono Rental Wargo

Convenient location for sightseeing and shopping! Kyoto kimono rental wargo, which operates all 20 stores in Kyoto and all around Japan will make your dream comes true with only 2980 yen! An overwhelmingly low price that can only be achieved by our company, which develops shops for original Japanese accessories and souvenirs. Of course, the quality is top-notch with professional dressing staff all set!