Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Are there other Kimonos than listed ones on your website?
A.Yes. Since September 2015, new different kimonos arrive every day, sometimes we cannot keep up with posting all of them onto website. However,we accept changing kimono on your arrival day, please don’t hesitate to come to our stores.
Q.Can I book a kimono in advance?
A.Yes. Please select a Kimono that you’d like to wear on a prefered day on KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL WARGO website. However, bear in your mind that you may not be able to keep the chosen Kimono if reservation made on phone.
Q.How about booking cancellation?
A.For your information about cancellation, there is no cancellation fee if you cancel 2 days before the reserved date, less than 2 days we will charge 100% of your reservation fee.
Q.Concerning the cancelation of reservation paid via credit card:
A. If you cancel two days before your scheduled visit date, the credit payment will not be debited.
However, please understand that the transfer fee will be on customer’s burden in case of refund by bank transfer due to special factors. In addition, overseas bank customers will be charged overseas remittance + handling fee. In that case, the handling fee that occurred at a Japanese bank of the amount ($ 30) will be borne by the customer and it will be handled by the method of “depositing the amount after deducting the commission”. Please note that if you remit in foreign currency, the commission $ 30 will be converted to foreign currency and deducted.
Q.Is there anything I should bring to your store?
A.No, you do not need to bring anything. The things that you need to wear with Kimono such as the undergarments, socks and sandals, etc. are included in our plans. It gets very cold during winter in Kyoto. If you are worried about weather, you can bring a thin T-shirt with a wide neckline. We will dress kimono outside of it.
Q.I cannot decide which plan is suitable.
A.You can change the plan on the day. If you cannot decide, please reserve the cheapest plan, and it is fine for you to pay the balance at our store if you change the plan on the day.
Q.How long does it take for dressing?
A.The dressing time is about 1 hour. But, it may take about 90 minutes to get dressed in Kimono during the spring and autumn, the peak seasons. Please be aware!
Q.Can i select obi and kimono accessories ?
A.Yes, you can. Customers can choose obi and other small accessories for themselves. If you are not confident in combination, our staff will help you, please feel free to ask them.
Q.May I ask for getting dressed in early morning or later in evening?
A.Normally, the stores open at 10am, if you want to get dressed in early morning, fee is 500 yen/30 minnutes (tax excluded). Currently, we are serving early orders since 9:00 AM. Closing time is different at each store, but the Shinkyogoku branch is accepting orders up to 6pm, which runs until the latest time of all stores. Later than 6PM orders are not covered now.
Q.Can I change the reservation content such as store, time, the number of people, etc?
A.Again, please re-book your desired date and time. Please make a new reservation confirmation mail or cancel the previous one first.
Q.I made reservation and chose to pay on arrival, but will I get discount if I pay online?
A.Yes, you will. Please change payment method to online in URL in confirmation email we have sent to you when reservation was done.
Q.Can I change the plan on that day?
A.Yes, you can. But, keep in mind that if you have paid in advance, we will not pay back the balance if you change the reserved plan to a lower one.
Q.Can I add any option on that day?
A.Yes, you can. Please pay the additional fee at the store.
Q.Do you cope with the payment by bank transfer?
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
Q.Do you have parking lot at your stores?
A.All of our stores don’t go with parking area now. Please use some parking area around our stores.
Q.Which I should choose depending on seasons, Kimono or Yukata.
A.Kimono season is from January to June and October to December; As of Yukata is from June to September.
Q.I don’t know your stores location.
A.There is a MAP on the ‘Our stores’ in Homepage. In case you get lost on the day, please call us directly. Our call center: 075-600-2830 (Corresponding only in Kyoto area)
Q.Can we choose a Kimono or Yukata on the day?
A.Yes, you can select when you come to our stores. And, you can change the Kimono or Yukata you chose in advance when you made a reservation.
Q.Do you have larger sizes of zori and geta?
A.Now, we treat a large size (about 26.5cm) for female customers and a 3L size (about 29.5cm) for male customers as the largest foot wears.
Q.I cannot come on time for the reserved time.
A.In case, you are late for the reserved time, please call us. Depending on the situation, we may save your reservation.
Q.Is it possible if I want to use the photography service only?
A.We are not dealing with the plan which has only a photography service now, so we will receive the kimono or yukata rental fee and photography one even if you want to only take photos.
Q.Can you keep my belongings while I hang out?
A.Yes, we will keep your clothing and belongings at our stores for free. A big suitcase or baggage may cost you the additional fee (500 yen).
Q.Do you provide a delivery-type rental for Kimono and Yukata?
A.We feel very sorry, but we provide the delivery-type rental only for advanced Kimonos used in events.
Q.I want to reserve a bring plan and rental service together.
A.The reservation forms of the bring plan and rental one are separated, so please reserve individually.
Q.I want to add a hairset service.
A.You can add all the optional services including the hairset service on the day. Please tell our staff and pay the additional amount for services you added at the store.
Q.Can we rent a Kimono even if I don’t make any reservation?
A.Yes, we can provide the service if there is any available kimono. But, please be aware that if the date is full of reservations or that the date is our shop’s regular holiday etc., we may not support your requirement.
Q.I want to know about the vacancy of the date.
A.Please see the calender in the middle of our homepage.
Q.What are the numbers written in the calender of reservation situation?
A.”The numbers show how many vacancies they are. For example, ‘1’ means 1 person vacancy, and ‘12’ is 12 people vacancies. *In case that you utilize our couple plans, please reserve the date and time whose vacancy is ‘2’ or more.”
Q.I could not choose the Kimono I want to wear when I reserved.
A.Please attach the photo of the Kimono you wanted to wear by answering from the booking confirmation email. Our staff will check its availability.

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