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Recommends 6 Points
Recommends 6 Points

Kyoto Kimono Rental wargoRecommends 6 Points

  • Lowest Price

    Transform yourself into a beautiful lady in Yukata at only 3,200yen!!

  • Over 2,000 yukatas

    Select from over 2,000 kimonos!!

  • Near sightseeing spots!!

    All shops are 5 minutes from famous sightseeing spots!!

  • Free photography

    Free photography service

  • Free lending kanzashis

    Free lending kanzashis

  • professional dressers!!

    Nicely support by professional dressers!!

  • Lowest PriceBecome a Yukata lady at only 3,200 yen!!

    Become a Yukata lady at only 3,200 yen!!
    Hanging around Kyoto in Yukata at only 2,900 It costs only 3,200 yen to make this dream come true. We can offer this with very low price as our company deploys Japanese traditional accessory shops all over Japan. Needless to say, what we offer you with this price is the high quality and includes Kimono dressing by professional Kimono dressers.

  • Over 2,000 yukatasSelect from over 2,000 kimonos!!

    Select from over 2,000 yukatas!!
    We have more than 2,000 high quality Yukatas including brand-name ones! Just select the one you like best.Besides, we have a wide range of Kimono accessories such as Kimono bags and sandals, etc. We always make best efforts for your enjoyable trip in Kyoto!

  • Near sightseeing spots5 minutes from sightseeing spots!!

    5 minutes from sightseeing spots!!
    Wargo owns most shops in Kyoto. Kyoto Station Kyoto Tower branch, the largest one, is 75 tsubos (that means the extent of 150 tatami mats). All of our branches are within 5 minutes walking from Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower, Kiyomizu- dera temple, Gion district, Kawaramachi Station, and Kinkaku-ji temple.

    5 minutes from sightseeing spots!!
  • Free photographyFree photography service

    Free photography service
    Catch the time when you are beautiful in Yakata as a wonderful memory at our fully equiped studio at Kyoto Station shop. The photograph service usually goes with fee but, if you allow us to post your picture on our website, blog or SNS channels, it is free. We will send you the picture via Email on next day. We can also help take pictures with your own camera.

  • Free lending kanzashisFree lending kanzashis

    Free lending kanzashis
    We lend Kanzashi, ornamental hairpin, to you totally free. The hairpin is from our “Kanzashi-ya Wargo” shop. The only multi-brand Kanzashi shop in Japan with not only traditional kanzashi but also mordern style. Enjoy the beauty of kyoto with kimono and kanzashi like a Japanese.

  • Professional Dressers!!Firm Dressing by Professional Dressers!!

    Firm Dressing by Professional Dressers!!
    Kimono dressing will be helped by professional Yukata dressers. We would like you to enjoy the time with the Yukata in Kyoto without worrying the Yukata might get loose. You will be adviced how to walk properly to avoid Yukata getting lose and how to fix when it get lose