Intip contekan pose seru dengan kimono disini!

Are you one of those that never know what to do in front of a camera? Maybe you do, but your range of pose is limited at 2 or 3? Or you might possibly just don’t know exactly how to move in a kimono or a yukata?

Well, this post is for you!! Here are some of the funniest or most interesting pictures we took of our customers lately! (^ ∀ ^) メ (^ ∀ ^)

We also put a selection of props to take your pictures such as the traditional samurai katana or the umbrella of the maiko! (apprentice geisha) Feel free to ask our staff to use them! They can also take pictures of you with your own camera if you wish!!

You will receive your photos per mail and have them take for FREE if you allow us to post them on our website and SNS. You can also order printed version if you desire to bring them back home the day itself.


Let’s take a look at the imaginative pictures we took lately!

We are looking forward seeing which pose you will give us when you will visit our store!! (゚ ヮ ゚ ゚) ☞




Once again, thank you very much for passing by our blog today!!
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