Details of Plan 20

1 Standard Kimono Plan (3,900 yen)2540(tax excl.)YenHot!

※※Kimono and Yukata of this price are for Standard plans. Collection photos are not available online, please chose at shop.
※Prices may be changed according to season
※Please notice that big group discount is not applied in peak season from March 1st – May 7th.

Maximum customers for groups:
We can serve up to 300 customers/day.
Measure of time required

30-40 customers Approximately 45 mins
100 customers Approximately 60 mins
150 customers Approximately 90 mins

※As it depends on the situation of that day, please call us about details.
Reservation Time
You can reserve from 9am. As you cannot make a reservation from normal reservation form, please fill out the form for group reservation or call 0120-42-0505 (Responsible Person in Group Customers of Kimono Business Division: Wakatsuki).

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