• 3 mins walk
  • 30 secs walk
  • 1 min walk
  • 2 mins walk
  • 2 mins walk
  • 10 mins by train
  • 20 mins by train
  • 12 mins by train
  • From Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station:

    Leave Exit 5 from the station and turn on your right. Cross the Exit gate 5 of the station, go on your right side. Cross Engei Hall to reach the 6th Street in the direction of Sensoji. Walk until you see our store on the right side of the 6th Street.

  • From Kaminarimon Gate・Tobu Asakusa Station:

    Get through Kaminarimon and get on Nakamise Street towards Sensoji Temple. Right before the temple gate, turn right onto Denbouin Street and notice many rickshaw in the zone. Walk straight for 200 meters until you reach a 5-ways intersection, then notice the "Atelier" sign to identify our shop!

  • Shop Building Characteristics:

    The building is located on the 6th Street between the Don Quijote and Denbouin Street. You can recognize it easily by the " Atelier" sign on it.

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Touristic Kimono Rental

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  • Antique


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    • 2 mins walk from Kyoto Station!!
    • Next to Yasaka Shrine!♪
    • 30 secs from Saga-Arashiyama Station!!
    • 1 min walk to Kiyomizudera!!
    • 5 mins to Togetsukyo!!
    • Formal Kimono Specialized Shop
    • Kimono Rental for only 1,900 yen!!♪
    • 3 mins walk from Gionshijo Station!!
  • Osaka

    • Direct access from Daimaru Shinsaibashi Station!!
  • Kanto

    • 2 mins walk from Kamakura Station!!
    • 5 mins from Asakusa Station!!
    • Only 5 mins walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit!
    • Tokyo Famous SKYTREE TOWN 1F
    • 3-minutes walk from Ginza Station!
  • Hokoriku

    • 8 mins walk to Kenrokuen Park!
  • Fukuoka

    • 1 minute walk from Dazaifu station!
  • 札幌

    • フォーマル用お着物専門店!
  • 東北

    • フォーマル用お着物専門店!
  • Okayama

    • One minute walk from Bikan-chiku!
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Tokyo Sensoji Store Customer's Voice・ Reviews

Tokyo Sensoji Store Overall Ratings
★★★★4.4(6 reviews)

Mr. RKさん

Overall Ratings★★★★4.3




I was expecting only couples of kimonos to choose, but there are too many choices it made hesitate much! Thank you for helping us to wear them.

Mrs. CYさん

Overall Ratings★★★★★5.0




Date of Visit:2018 10/23

My son was dressed up in kimono for the first time and it was very good.

Ms. YMさん

Overall Ratings★★★★4.3




Date of Visit:2018 10/18

The hairdo style was extremely cute!!

Ms. SOさん

Overall Ratings★★★★4.0




Date of Visit:2018 10/24

The kimono collections were so many that it made me confused~ I had a nice time in Asakusa!

Ms. YLさん

Overall Ratings★★★★4.3




Date of Visit:2018 10/25

So happy today! Next time I will bring my Korean friend to experience kimono too.

About Kimono Rental Wargo Tokyo Asakusa branch

3 mins walk to Sensoji!! Our Kimono Rental Wargo Sensoji branch is located along the way to the Asakusa Engei hall on the rickshaw surrounded 6th Street!! Renting a kimono is a must if you plan to visit Shin-Nakami Street or Sensoji Temple!!

About Tokyo Asakusa branch♪
1. Possibility to rent children kimono for Shichigosan ceremony at Sensoji Temple!!
2. Reservation for Maedori before Coming-of-Age Ceremony!!
3. Kimono Dressing classes offered by our experienced staff!!