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Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo
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Wander around the historical and beautiful town of Kanazawa with kimono!

The largest in the Kanazawa area! Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo is a great location for sightseeing, only 6 minutes from Kenrokuen!
It is about 10 minutes by city bus from JR Kanazawa Station, located in Tokyu Square, the bus station is just a short walk from Korinbo Station, so you can take a walk around Kanazawa with casual kimono without hassle. If you use the next day return plan, you can use it until 3 pm the next day. The inventory of kimonos and yukatas is the largest in Kanazawa, so you can always find what you like from various patterns. In addition to men's and children's, foreigners can also choose from wide range of style and size, so please come to the store without worry!

Kanazawa Korinbo store'sCloser Look
  • Casual kimono for

    Dressing Fee / Accessories
    Full set


  • From casual kimono to
    gorgeous formal kimono

    9,120 kimono
    (Data from 2018)

    Extensive product lineup

  • Kenrokuen
    8 minutes walk


Store Information

Kimono Rental Wargo

Kanazawa Korinbo store

Address2-1-1 Korinbo, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Business Hours10:00 ~ 17:00

※Return the kimono before 16:30

  • Casual kimono

  • Yukata

  • Houmongi

  • Furisode

  • Kuro-Tomesode

  • Iro-Tomesode

  • Hakama・Nishakusode

  • Shichigosan

  • Ubugi

  • Hairset

Casual Kimono Rental Plan

Rental Set
Standard Kimono Plan
Must try plan for first timer!

Standard Kimono Plan


The most popular affordable plan for everyone, especially students. It is recommended for first timer customers and want to experience kimono without worry. It features basic normal sleeves “komon” kimono with wide range of colors that can create sweet and calm atmosphere. If you can not decide which plan to choose, then here is your answer! Upgrading plan can be done on the day too.

Antique Kimono Plan
The only one of a kind collection

Antique Kimono Plan


Back in 1890, antique kimonos made from silk, centered on the Japanese color scheme and antique-style design kimonos. It is usually combined with luxurious Hanhaba-obi belt containing gold and silver threads, but the flat Nagoya-obi option is also popular. We recommend this plan for customers who looking for the one and only kimono which can not be found in any other place.

Couple Kimono Plan
A perfect plan just for two

Couple Kimono Plan


A special plan for two! From lovers to parents, this plan is for you. If you dress up in Kimono, it will make your travels more enjoyable and memorable. You can also make suprise gift for your beloved one’s birthday or anniversary. We are happy to support you making memories in beautiful places of Japan with our couple plan.

Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo

Available kimono

Formal Kimono that is available from other branch stores can be rented! For more information seeStore Rental Flow page
Formal Kimono that available from other branch stores can be rented! See for more information Store Rental Flow page

Reservation Availability

Reservation status


The appeal of Kanazawa many people eager to know!

There are many wonderful photo spots in Kanazawa that are perfect for walking in kimono! A town where you can feel the history of Japan. Not only attract Japanese but also foreign tourist all over the world. Why don't you visit this beautiful city?

There are many wonderful photo spots in Kanazawa that are perfect for walking in kimono!

A town where you can feel the history of Japan

Not only attract Japanese but also foreign tourist all over the world. Why don't you visit this beautiful city?

  • Kanazawa Castle
    Kanazawa Castle is the first tourist attraction in Kanazawa. It will be a good memory to visit a historical landscape with the traditional clothes! The place is next to Kenrokuen Garden.
  • Kenrokuen Garden
    Kenrokuen is one of Japan's three famous gardens in Japan. This place shows occasional figure regardless of time. Why don't you spend a relaxing time here in the nature's tranquility?
  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
    A museum near Kenrokuen garden where you can see, touch and feel. Works by Yayoi Kusama and Tadanori Yokoo are on display. There are also shops and restaurants.
  • Higashi Chaya District
    A spot where you can feel the culture of Kanazawa, perfect for hunting photos! You can take photogenic photos with the iconic city landscape. Only 10 minutes by car from the station and walk distance from our store!

Access to Kanazawa Korinbo

Access to KanazawaKorinbo shop
  • 1/7
    Take a bus from Kanazawa Station to Korinbo and get off at Korinbo Station (in front of Korinbo Atrio).
  • 2/7
    Cross the pedestrian crossing right in front of you and walk to the right side.
  • 3/7
    Continue on the road between the Bank of Japan Kanazawa branch and the Tokyu Hotel
  • 4/7
    Go down the hill to the end of road
  • 5/7
    Turn left at the end of the hill.
  • 6/7
    Proceed along the Seseragi River.
  • 7/7
    Along the Seseragi River, there are shops along the river.

Why rent in Wargo?

Reason why people choose
  • REASON 1

    Dressing • Accessories
    Full Set

  • REASON 2

    [Delivery Rental] or [Rental In Store]
    both are available to choose!

  • REASON 3

    Fitting for Formal Kimono Rental
    Free up to 30 minutes!
    The first place of satisfaction

  • REASON 4

    Full set rental of what you need

  • REASON 5

    <Rental In Store>

    Hair set


  • REASON 6

    <Delivery Rental>

    Relax with 4 days 3 night period

    &No shipping fee in all around Japan!

Dressing fee and accessories, all included! ¥2,980 +tax~

Kimono Rental Wargo is affordable even if you compre at prices of other brand in Japan.
Please enjoy our best service at affordable price!
Average price of a kimono rental (all set and dressing fee included)
  • Tokyo average price
  • Kyoto average price
  • National average price
  • Kimono rental
    ¥2,980 +tax

    In Kimono Rental Wargo, price are set to be
    The most affordable one.

[Delivery Rental] or [Rental In Store], we both provide this service!

Kimono Rental Wargo provide “Delivery Rental” that delivers a set of necessary items by home delivery.
You can also choose “Rental In Store” if you want to visit the store and have our staff dressed you up.

Delivery Rental

  • Reserve from website or our store
  • Item will arrives 2 days in advance
  • Wearing the kimono
  • Returning after the following day

Rental In Store

  • Reserve from website or our store
  • On the day
    dressing at the store
  • Going out in kimono
  • Returning kimono at the store

※Use the “Return Next Day” options to extent the rental period and return it on the next day or later.

※Hair makeup and photography plan are also available as an option. Please feel free to contact us.

You can consult with a kimono dressing professional! A 30-minute free preview/fitting service!

From all over 2,000 kimonos in all stores, you can try on a kimono that suits your size and taste.

Veteran dressers will offer kimono coordination that suits your needs and purpose, so you can feel secure even for the first time.

There is also a kimono collection.

which not listed on website or catalog.

Accessories such as obi, sandals and bags.

can be choosen from a wide selection.

※After free 30 minutes preview, the fee is 1,000 yen (+tax) for every 30 minutes.

Full set rental of what you need

This rental price also includes the accessories set of sandals, bags, tabi socks, kanzashi, and other items necessary for dressing and going out. In the case of home delivery rentals, they will be delivered in a special bag.

※The above is for street clothes.

Delivery Rental
Exclusive Bag

Hairset ¥0 ~

Since it is a special opportunity to wear a special kimono or yukata, hair set must be cute too! Kimono Rental Wargo has many cute hairset style for you!

A professional hairstylist master will serve you one by one! Even short hair customers are OK too!

Our company’s brand

Hair Accessories


4 days 3 nights extended rental. Of course free shipping all around Japan!

Kimono Rental Wargo provide “Delivery Rental” that delivers a set of necessary items by home delivery,

You can choose either “Rental In Store” to visit the store and dress up.

  • 2 days before
    Kimono Package Bag
  • 1 day before
  • Date of Use
  • Next Day
    Kimono Package Bag

When the “date of use” is May 10

  • 5/8
    Date of Arrival
  • 5/9
  • 5/10
    Date of Use
  • 5/11
    Returning Date

※ If you wish to extend the loan period, please specify from the calendar when applying. We accept extension for 1,000 yen (+ tax) per day.

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