• 3 mins by train・15 mins by bus
  • 40 mins by bus
  • 15 mins by bus
  • 7 mins by bus
  • 35 mins by bus
  • 10 mins by bus
  • 20 mins by bus
  • 16 mins by train・44 mins by bus
  • From JR Line, Shinkansen, Kinki Japanese Line at Kyoto Station

    Get out from the Central Exit (North Side) of Kyoto Station, go along the street on the right side of the bus station, and cross the road at the trafic light. Our store is on the 2nd floor of Kyoto Tower. It takes less than 2 mins walk from Kyoto Station.

  • From Kyoto Station

    Get out at the North Gate toward Shijo/International Conference Center and go straight to Kyoto Tower from the Exit 2 on the left. If you cannot find the way to our store, please call us from Kyoto Station.

  • If you cannot find the way to our store, please call us from Kyoto Station.

Formal Kyoto TowerSee items that available

Touristic Kimono Rental

  • The Popular Standard Plan, From 2,900 yen
  • VIP Plan, From 18,000 yen
  • Casual Furisode, For both tourism & parties! From 8,900 yen
  • Antique, One-of-a-kind Kimono, From 5,900 yen


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    • 2 mins walk from Kyoto Station!!
    • Next to Yasaka Shrine!♪
    • 30 secs from Saga-Arashiyama Station!!
    • 1 min walk to Kiyomizudera!!
    • 5 mins to Togetsukyo!!
    • Formal Kimono Specialized Shop
    • Kimono Rental for only 1,900 yen!!♪
    • 3 mins walk from Gionshijo Station!!
  • Osaka

    • Direct access from Daimaru Shinsaibashi Station!!
  • Kanto

    • 2 mins walk from Kamakura Station!!
    • 5 mins from Asakusa Station!!
    • 新宿駅東口から徒歩5分!
    • Tokyo Famous SKYTREE TOWN 1F
    • 3 minutes walk from Ginza station!
  • Hokoriku

    • 8 mins walk to Kenrokuen Park!
  • Fukuoka

    • 1 minute walk from Dazaifu station!
  • 札幌

    • フォーマル用お着物専門店!
  • 東北

    • フォーマル用お着物専門店!
  • Okayama

    • 観光地、実観地図から徒歩1分
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About Kimono Rental Wargo Formal Kyoto Tower branch

Right in front of Kyoto Station!! Our formal kimono specialized shop is located on the 2nd floor of the Kyoto Tower. Ideal for weddings, Coming-of-Age ceremonies and other special occasion! Located in a very convient area where shinkansen, bus, trains and other transport meet allowing customers to reach easily any destination for their celebration!