• From the Namboku line, Sapporo Shitetsu "Susukino Station"

    1 minute walk from the Nanboku Line, getting off at Sapporo Shitetsu "Susukino Station".

  • From Toho Line "Hosui Susukino Station"

    Get off at Toho Line "Hosui Susukino Station", 4 minutes on foot.


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Information for Celebration/Formal Kimono ・ Kimono Rental Wargo Formal Sapporo Susukino Station Store

Kimono Rental Wargo for high-quality kimonos that are suitable for Coming of Age ceremony, weddings, Shichigosan and other traditional events, Formal Sapporo Susukino Station! In the middle of Susukino, because it is near Sapporo Susukino Station, access to hotel and wedding hall is convenient. With a wide selection of kimono; furisode, hakama, tomesode, and houmongi, it has been highly praised by many customers.