Best choice for kimono and yukata rental in Shinjuku, “Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku Station store”

Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku Station store

Easy access from Shinjuku Station! Let's go out to the city with a beautiful kimono

The best in Shinjuku area! Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku Station store is 1 minute walk from Shinjuku station east exit!
Since it is the closest kimono rental store to Shinjuku Station, you can easily rent kimonos for sightseing or visiting a weddings and parties. Also, if you use the next-day return plan, you can use it until 3 pm the next day. The inventory of kimonos and yukata is the biggest in Shinjuku, so you can always find what you like from variety of patterns. In addition to men's and customers' needs, we also offer a wide range size that can be used by foreign customers as well.

Shinjuku Station store’sCloser Look
  • Formal Kimono

    Dressing • Accessories
    Full Set


  • From casual to
    formal gorgeous kimono

    9,120 pieces
    (As of 2018)

    Extensive collection

  • Direct Access From Shinjuku Station East Exit


Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku Station store

Available kimono

Formal Kimono that available from other branch stores can be rented! See more information
To store rental flow page
Kimonos collection from other branch stores can also be rented!
See more information To store rental flow page

Store Information

Kimono Rental Wargo

Shinjuku Station store’s

AddressTokyo-to, 3-chōme-27-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku First (Dai-ichi) building 4th floor

Operating hours9:00 ~ 19:00 (※Final returning time 18:30)

  • Casual Kimono

  • Yukata

  • Houmongi

  • Furisode

  • Kuro-Tomesode

  • Iro-Tomesode

  • Hakama,Nishakusode

  • Shichigosan

  • Ubugi

  • Hairset

  • Photo Studio

Casual Kimono Rental Plan

Rental Set
Standard Kimono Plan
Must try plan for first timer!

Standard Kimono Plan


The most popular affordable plan for everyone, especially students. It is recommended for first timer customers and want to experience kimono without worry. It features basic normal sleeves “komon” kimono with wide range of colors that can create sweet and calm atmosphere. If you can not decide which plan to choose, then here is your answer! Upgrading plan can be done on the day too.

Couple Kimono Plan
A perfect plan just for two

Couple Kimono Plan


A special plan for two! From lovers to parents, this plan is for you. If you dress up in Kimono, it will make your travels more enjoyable and memorable. You can also make suprise gift for your beloved one’s birthday or anniversary. We are happy to support you making memories in beautiful places of Japan with our couple plan.

Men's Kimono plan
Cool kimono for sightseeing

Men's Kimono plan


A plan for male customers who wants to combine kimono and haori (kimono’s coat) of their favorite colors, from plain color to patterned one. A wide range of colors and size are available to fit our foreign customers! Male customers of various ages can enjoy kimono without worry!

Antique Kimono Plan
The only one of a kind collection

Antique Kimono Plan


Back in 1890, antique kimonos made from silk, centered on the Japanese color scheme and antique-style design kimonos. It is usually combined with luxurious Hanhaba-obi belt containing gold and silver threads, but the flat Nagoya-obi option is also popular. We recommend this plan for customers who looking for the one and only kimono which can not be found in any other place.

Reservation Availability

Reservation status

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    • 2 mins walk from Kyoto Station!!
    • Next to Yasaka Shrine!♪
    • 30 secs from Saga-Arashiyama Station!!
    • 1 min walk to Kiyomizudera!!
    • 5 mins to Togetsukyo!!
    • Formal Kimono Specialized Shop
    • 5 mins walking to Kiyomizudera!
  • Osaka
    • Direct access from Daimaru Shinsaibashi Station!!
  • Kanto
    • 2 mins walk from Kamakura Station!!
    • 5 mins from Asakusa Station!!
    • Only 5 mins walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit!
    • Tokyo Famous SKYTREE TOWN 1F
    • 3-minutes walk from Ginza Station!
  • Hokoriku
    • 8 mins walk to Kenrokuen Park!
    • 兼六園すぐ近く!
  • Fukuoka
    • 1 minute walk from Dazaifu station!
  • Sapporo
    • 札幌すすきの駅すぐ!
  • Tohoku
    • 仙台駅から徒歩6分!
  • Okayama
    • One minute walk from Bikan-chiku!
  • 沖縄
    • ゆいレール旭橋駅から直結すぐ!
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Let’s go around in kimono!
Recommended spots in Shinjuku

Shinjuku in the center of Tokyo has been popular with tourists in recent years. The glamorous and the never-sleep-city. There are so many people bustling on Shinjuku everyday. Below are some recommended spots that perfect to visit by wearing a kimono!

Shinjuku in the center of Tokyo has been popular with tourists in recent years. The glamorous and the never-sleep-city.

There are so many people bustling on Shinjuku everyday.

Below are some recommended spots that perfect to visit by wearing a kimono!

  • Shinjuku Gyoen
    A classic spot that you can't miss! Regardless of spring, you can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants throughout the year. The scenery full of nature is very windy.
  • Hanazono Shrine
    Hanazono Shrine is the “powerspot” in Shinjuku, and also one of the famous shrine in Tokyo. It has been praised and visited by many people because it is in the middle of the big city.
  • Samurai Museum
    Here you can see more than 70 types of armor, and you can actually wear the armor and helmet. You can appreciate the skillful sword fighting and have a Japanese sword experience course.
  • Kabukicho
    Speaking of Shinjuku entertainment districts, you can not leave this one out. A variety of dining areas are lined up, and it has the strong image of a “night city” here.

Access to Shinjuku Station

Access to Shinjuku shop
  • 1/8
    Please go to the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station.
  • 2/8
    After exiting the east exit, turn right at the corner of the police box on the right.
  • 3/8
    If you turn the corner of the police box, go straight along the roundabout. (You can see the big “メガネスーパー” [megane suupaa] sign on your left)
  • 4/8
    After a while, there is a pedestrian crossing that turns to the left.
  • 5/8
    After crossing the pedestrian crossing, you will see the Adidas store. Go straight ahead on the left hand side of the store.
  • 6/8
    Proceed to the intersection where you can see Lotteria on your right.
  • 7/8
    Proceed to the front of the intersection, there is a building called "Shinjuku Daiichi Building" on the left. Enter the entrance of that building.
  • 8/8
    There is an elevator when you enter the entrance, so please go to the 4th floor with the elevator. (On the 4th floor there is a Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku Station store)