More fashionable with added Accessories to Your Kimono Rental! Optional Accessories

Kimono Options

You look so elegant in Kimono. Let’s make it more marvelous! We provide accessories that match with Kimono for those who chose this advanced option! The popular optional accessories are all available in KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL wargo♪

  • Decorative Collar Decorative Collar

    Add splendor
    to your neckline♪

    Decorative Collar

    This service is for female customers who request upgrading to decorative collar (on an under-kimono)! Generally, you will have a plain collar. A decorative collar makes your Kimono look fashionable by its design, also make your face more impressed.

  • Nagoya obi Nagoya obi

    Authentic dress for adult ♪

    Nagoya obi

    This is an formal Obi that makes the Otaiko-musubi (bow) nicer. As the usual Han-obi cannot make the Otaiko-musubi, we recommend this type of Obi for adults who love to wear Kimono at a more graceful manner.

  • Obidome・Sambuhimo Obidome・Sambuhimo

    Get more compliments♪


    Adding the obidome and sambuhimo around to accent your obi you are upgrading your style to a new level. Find yourself a best color combination. You may blend the color of Kimono and obi for an elegant look while contrast color can bring luxury.

  • Luxury Kimono Bag Luxury Kimono Bag Luxury Kimono Bag

    Give you a sophisticated

    Kimono Bag

    Bag is an essential item for every woman when wears kimono. This option goes with luxury Kimono bags that suit those who want fancier bags than the default ones. It makes your Kimono set more gorgeous. Make it a small treat for your feminity.

  • Stole, Fake Fur Stole, Fake Fur Stole, Fake Fur

    Must item for
    cold seasons♪

    Stole, Fake Fur

    Stole is a kind of large scarf worn loosely over the shoulders. Stay warm and comfortable during your trip in Kyoto where it gets cold in evening and in shades. It will be nicer when wear with Haori.

  • Haori, Haori rope Haori, Haori rope

    Stay highlighted
    from the surroundings♪

    Haori, Haori rope

    This piece is the outer layer worn over your Kimono when you wander around Kyoto all day long during cold winter. Think about the color combination of patterns and atmosphere for your Kimono! Show the sophisticated feeling by chosing Haori.

  • Haori rope accessory Haori rope accessory Haori rope accessory

    Limited for customer
    renting a haori♪

    Haori rope accessory

    Haori rope accessory is a fancy Japanese kimono accessories. It is a fastening button at the front of Haori and necessary when wearing Haori. You can choose from our original Haori accessories collection when you rent Haori.

  • Umbrella Umbrella

    Relieved in rainy days♪


    You are ready with your favorite Kimono for the Kyoto walk, but it is raining outside…No worries!! We rent umbrellas from our branch store ‘Hokusai Graphic’ for rainy days! Our products are long umbrellas with 16- stick skeleton, bold with modern Japanese original designs on cover cloth. The size of the umbrella is really relieving as it keeps the back sash from rain drops when you wear Kimono.

  • Sunshade Sunshade

    No worry
    under sunlight♪


    It is a light sunshade for women. Many people want to stroll outside in their precious rented Kimono, but are afraid of UV rays…No more stress now! Sunshade will keep you safe from sun light and also make you look more elegant in Kimono. Gain more impression from people around with sunshade!

  • Kyoto Kimono Rental Kyoto Kimono Rental
  • Bangasa・Umbrella for Maiko Bangasa・Umbrella for Maiko

    Free rental
    for photography♪

    for Maiko

    You can use the Japanese umbrella from our branch store ‘Hokusai Graphic’ as a small tool for memorable photos FREE of charge! Fee is charged if you want to use it outside under rental period. We have simple-shaped bangasa (Japanese umbrellas) and maiko umbrella (umbrella for show or classical Japanese dance) which are added modern and vivid original Japanese patterns. Just pick the one that you like most.

  • Japanese sword Japanese sword

    Free rental
    for photography♪

    Japanese sword

    The trendy Japanese sword now has arrived at our Kyoto Tower store! You can use it as a small tool for memorable photos FREE of charge! As wargo is intense about genuine articles, you can enjoy the real material, weight, and gloss of the Japanese sword even when we have made it unable to cut.