What is Mamechiyo Modern?

What is Mamechiyo Modern?

Mamechiyo Modern has been transmitting Kimonos as modern Kimonos or Kimonos for daily purposes. Why don’t you wear Mamechiyo Modern Kimonos in Kyoto? KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL WARGO offers a plan in which you can rent this Mamechiyo Modern Kimono. You might want to know what Mamechiyo Modern is in the first place. If so, this is must-see. Why don’t you immerse yourself into fashionable and modern world with the view point that Kyoto has an extraordinary concept?

Wear a Mamechiyo Modern Kimono in Kyoto

Kyoto: A district where we can encounter Japan in good and old days.
Kyoto: A district where we can feel modern Japan.
When people visit Kyoto as described here, everyone must feel like experiencing Japanese traditional culture.
Mamechiyo Modern Kimonos that are consists of “Japanese traditional style” and “modern fashion sense” fit the occasion to walk around in Kyoto.
Enjoy Japanese tradition (=Kimono) without hesitation (=rental).
We, “KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL WARGO” and ‘Mamechiyo Modern” suggest a new life style to you.
Well, Would you like to make the most of Kyoto with a Mamechiyo Modern Kimono?

What are Mamechiyo Modern Kimonos?

“Mamechiyo Modern” is an original brand produced by “Mamechiyo” who is considered as a pioneer who revived Kimonos as everyday clothes. “Mamechiyo” made the biggest “Kimono revival” after the War.
“Mamechiyo Modern” attracts not only experienced fans of Kimono but also young generation because of its stylish, cute and poppy design. “Mamechiyo Modern” Kimonos fit contemporary landscape such as going to a theater and dinner, gathering and walking around the town as well as formal occasions such as the aging ceremony and a graduation ceremony. “Mamechiyo Modern” Kimonos will make your ordinal life more fashionable by its gorgeous style that is different from western-style clothes.

Profile of Mamechiyo

What is Mamechiyo Modern?

Mamechiyo Kimono designer / Kimono Stylist / Representative of Mamechiyo Modern

Mamechiyo is considered as a pioneer who revived Kimono: the biggest Kimono revivals after the War as she revived Kimonos as wardrobes that can be also worn in the modern society.
Mamechiyo produced her original brand: “Mamechiyo Modern” whose design is original especially in point of transcending “the boundary between antique and modern” and “the boundary between Japanese style and Western style”. “Mamechiyo Modern” attracts not only experienced fans of Kimono but also young generation because of its stylish, cute and poppy design.
Mamechiyo also offers Kimono styling to TV, magazines, advertisements, cinemas, theaters, TV dramas and celebrities. In addition, she transmits the charm of Kimonos to various genres such as collaborations or projects with Shu Uemura, Blythe, SAISON card, Daio Paper Corporation etc.
Mamechiyo is also highly valued overseas. She had an exhibition: “The World of Mamechiyo” in Toronto for a month and one of “Mamechiyo Modern” Kimonos is possessed permanently as a collection of Royal V&A museum in Great Britain.

Books : “Mamechiyo Kimono Modern”,” Kimono à la mode by Mamechiyo“ etc.
NHK “Oshare Koubou” instructor, appeared on NHK “Grand Jeté, Features Mamechiyo”, NHK-BS “The Shounen Gorakubu Premium” (MC・TOKIO Mr. Koubun Taichi) , have been appeared in a lot of mediums such as TV, radios and magazines.

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