Forfait Kimono Enfant(s)

Popular choice!! Both boys and girls can enjoy retro and modern kimono like adults. Children from 3 to 10 years old. Wearing tight Obi in long time might be uncomfortable for children so we welcome parents to wear kimono or wear kimono with your children. Together let's make memorial photos of the whole family.

Contenu de l'Ensemble Kimono

Contenu de l'Ensemble Kimono

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Height table

Both boys and girls from 3 years old to
10 years old

※ Please notice that there are limited numbers, we recommend you to make a reservation in advance. ※ There are information we require you to provide before coming to the store such as the height of the children and the size of the feet.
※ Handling stores have been decided.

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Forfait Kimono Enfant(s)


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