‘Petit” Yukata Rental Plans

In Kyoto, the smartest way to wear a yukata is to book a Petit Plan with Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo! A yukata, kinchaku, geta and obi for only ¥1,900; what a bargain! Moreover you can wear your yukata with confidence as our professional staff will take care properly of the dressing for you! Being at 5 minutes walking from famous touristic spots, booking at Kyoto Petit Gionshijo store is more than convenient to your travel plan. The proximity of our Kyoto Station store to fireworks festival points makes also your sightseeing arrangements so much more easy! This summer, let’s slip on a yukata and enjoy life fondly!♪

Set Contents

Set Contents

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No Preparation OK!
8 Items Full Set

Kimono Rental Wargooffers Full Sets


All including dressing & accessories fee.


No Preparation OK for all Plans!

Wargo is proud to provide

bags, geta, kanzashi andaccessories of all kind directly

from their accesories brand shops located

all-around the country!

Petit Kimono Plan Ladies・Men

Petit Couple Kimono Plan

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