Would you want to be our next yukata girl?

Wear yukata from Wargo and post it with these three #hashtags

#wargo #yukata



  • Grand Prize
    100, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
    &Interview Publication, Collaboration, Shooting as Wargo Model
  • Second Prize
    30, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
    &Shooting as Wargo Model
  • Special Prize
    10, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
    &Shooting as Wargo Model


  • step 1

    Install Instagram

    Install Instagram
  • step 2

    Follow our official account

    Please follow the official Kimono Rental wargo account
  • step 3

    Take a lot of lovely pictures♬

    Post photos of you wearing a Wargo yukata!
  • step 4

    Put some hashtags on

    Write under each pictures the hashtags:


Contest Name: ”Yukata Girl” Contest

First Round Period: July 15 〜 August 20, 2019

First Round Results: August 31, 2019


Grand Prize

100, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
Interview Publication, Collaboration, Shooting as Wargo Model

Second Prize

30, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
Shooting as Wargo Model

Special Prize

10, 000 yens Wargo Gift Certificate
Shooting as Wargo Model

*Gift Certificates can be used only in Wargo physical shops. They cannot be used on the online shop.

Winners Announcement

After the participation limit, subscriptions will be judged and examinated to determine the winners.

The winners will be contacted via direct message on Instagram. Please make sure to follow Wargo account to be contacted.

In case you are elected winner, please answer us back as soon as you can to receive your prize.

If we haven’t received an answer from you within 7 days, your winning status will become invalid and we will name another winner.

*Please download or upgrade to Instagram Ver5.0 to use the private message function. We will not be able to contact ulterior versions of Instagram.

*We suggest you to enable the Instagram notification function.

Subscription Agreements

【Instagram ”Yukata Girl” Contest Subscription Agreements】

Before entering the ”Yukata Girl” Contest produced by the company Wagokoro, please read carefully the following points.

● Regarding Subscriptions

– Only pictures showing Wargo kimono will be accepted.

– Before subscribing, following 「@kyotokimonorental.wargo」 is mandatory.

– Post a picture with the 3 hashtags


Pictures with no hashtags will be considered invalid.

– There is no limit of pictures subscriptions.

*Amount of ”like” of every pictures are not cumulative.

– Group pictures are accepted.

– Women or couple pictures accepted.

– There is no age limit or restrictions.

– Please post recent pictures took in 2019

– Only pictures showing Wargo yukata are accepted.

– Kimono pictures are not accepted.

– Underaged contestant should get the permission from their parents or tutor.

– Foreign participants are welcome. Kindly note that the Gift Certificates can only be used in Japan. In case the winner do not reside in Japan, the Gift Certtificate will be send overseas to the winner address. The prize is valid one year.

– Pictures and information about the winner will be shared on Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo website, Facebook and other social media.

● About Winning Announce

The winners will receive a direct message via the @kyotokimonorental.wargo account. Please answer as soon as possible if you are contacted within a delay of 7 days. If we do not receive a message from you after this period we will cancel your winning status and name another winner.

Your participation will be considered invalid if you do not follow the 「@kyotokimonorental.wargo」account.

In case the prize cannot be send due to address typing mistakes, the winning status of the contestant will become invalid.

The prize is given to the winner, no transfer to a third party will be possible or accepted.

● Attention

You are free to post your favorite pictures in any style.

There is no problem to modify you rpictures by adding filters, etc.

The copyrights attached to the pictures posted during this campaign belong to the producing company.

We will not be responsible in case of violation of the copyrights of the subscribed pictures.

Pictures violPictures violating a third person rights will not be accepted.

In case the publication of a picture create a dispute or conflict with a third party it will be the responsability of the involved third party to find a solution.

● Prohibitions

Behaviors violating the terms of subscription

Behaviors disturbing the management of the present campaign

Defamatory behaviors against a third party

Behavior violating a third party privacy

Behavior violating the intellectual prioperty of a third party

Behavior involving harrassement or menace of a third party

Using the identity of a third party or the name of an organization

Behavior involving solicitation, publicity or lucrative purpose

Behavior involving the use of non-original pictures

Behavior involving the abuse of the server of the present campaign

Behaviors violating the law or supporting such violation

The submission of any obscene content, pornography or juvenile pornography material

The submission of material violating public order and morals

Behaviors violating the terms and policy of Instagram

Any other behaviors following the present list

● Others

The present campaign have no direct affiliation with Instagram.

Any fee related to the participation to this campaign such as internet fee are the responsibility of the participant.

Please contact if necessary your smartphone company for any inquiry relating your phone settings.

The campaign might be suspended or the prize be changed in case the producing company is experimenting issues forcing such modification.

In case of suspension of the present campaign, the responsability will be assume by the producing company and not the participants.

The producing company will not be responsibility in case of injury or damage of the participant suffered during the participation of the contest.

● Regarding Confidentiality

In order to send the prize to the winner, personal information such as name and address will be requested, see the link below for Wargo’s policy regarding personal information treatment.→「https://kyotokimono-rental.com/en/policy」

【Regarding Wargo Gift Certificate】

The Gift Certificate is 1 year valid and can be used in any specialized shop produced by the company Wagokoro such as: Kanzashiya Wargo, Kasuu Koubou, Hokusai Graphics, Hashiya Mansaku, Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo

Can be used in any Wargo shops all around Japan.

【Kasuu Koubou】


【Kanzashiya Wargo】

Harajuku, Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi, Kiyomizuzaka, Ninenzaka, Fukuoka Tenjin, Shinkyogyoku, Kinkakuji, Naha Kokusaidori, Shizuoka, Asakusa Shinnakamiyo, Shimokitazawa, Kumamoto, Ooita, Kamakura Komachi, Kagoshima, Nagoya


Shinjuku, Aka Renga, Kawasaki, Nagoya Oosu, Shinkyogyoku

【Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo】

Kyoto Kiyomizuzaka, Kyoto Tower, Kyoto Gionshijo, Tokyo Sensoji, Osaka Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Kamakura Korinbo, Kanazawa Korinbo, Kyoto Arashiyama, Petit Kyoto Station, Petit Gionshijo, Formal Kyoto Tower

【Hokusai Graphics】

Asakusa Shinakamiyo, Kamakura Komachi, Ninenzaka, Gokomachi, Kumamoto, Fukuoka Tenjin, Ooita, Kagoshima, Naha Kokusaidori, Shinkyogyoku, Shizuoka, Nagoya Makers Peer, Nagoya Sakae, Kanazawa, Nagoya Oosu

【Hashiya Mansaku】

Nanba Marui, Asakusa Shinakamiyo, Shizuoka PARCO, Kyonishiki

Introduction of Kimono Rental Wargo

Good location convenient for sightseeing and shopping! Kimono Rental Wargo, which has 19 stores in Kanto, Kansai, Fukuoka and Hokuriku area provide a kimono and yukata rental for strolling in the tourist most popular sightseeing area, all included start from 2900 yen! It is an overwhelmingly affordable price that can be achieved only by our company which also developing Japanese small goods. Of course the quality is first-class with professional dressing service by our staffs!