Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

KYOTO KIMONO RENTAL WARGO considers respecting customers’ privacy and protecting their personal information as our important duty.

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The personal information that we get from our website or other mediums will be used only for following objectives depending on each situation.

Rental reservation

Confirm the content of the reservation, contact customers regarding the rental.


Confirm customers’ inquires, reply to them etc.


Regarding others, we use your personal information for the purpose for which you offer it to us.

We do not use your personal information for other purposes as above or give it to a third party except in the following cases.

  • ・In the case that we obtain the consent of a customer in advance.
  • ・In the case that we notice the purpose of the use separately, open it to the public and use the information for this purpose.
  • ・In the case that there is necessity of justifiable disclosure based on laws etc.
  • ・In the case that we use the personal information for a format of statistical data from which people cannot identify individuals.
  • ・In the case that we give customers’ information to our company entrusted with operations after making a contract in which it agrees to use the personal information only for commissioned duties.