Access Carte

  • Get off of Kyoto City bus at ‘Kiyomizumichi’

    Walk on Yasaka street toward Yasaka Tower. After passing the tower, take the steps down to Ninenzaka, you will see the branch on your left. It takes about 10 minutes on foot.

    From JR line at Kyoto station

    At D2 bus stop, take Kyoto city bus number 206 for the route‘Higashiyamadohri-Kitaohji Bus terminal’. Or, take Raku bus number 100 for the route ‘Kiyomizudera-Gion Ginkakuji’ from D1 bus stop. Then, get off at ‘Kiyomizumichi’ or ‘Higashiyamayasui’.

    From Keihan line at Gionshijoh station

    Walk along Shijoh street toward Yasaka, then turn right at Gion crossing. Continue go straight for a while, you will see the torii at the crossing of Kohdaiji-Nanmon street. Go through the torii , and you will see the stone pavement slope Ninenzaka on your right. Go up Ninenzaka, and the branch is on your right. It takes about 20 minutes on foot.

  • From Hankyuh line, Shijohkawaramachi station

    Take Tokyo city bus number 207 for the route 'Tohfukuji・Kujohshako' and get off at ‘Kiyomizumichi’ or ‘Higashiyamayasui’

    By taxi

    Tell taxi driver, “Go through ‘Ishin-no-michi’ of Higashiyamayasui, and stop at the corner of Ninenzaka ” When you get off the taxi, go up Ninenzaka and walk for about 3 minutes, the branch is on your right.

    From tourist bus parking area at Kiyomizuzaka

    Go down the steps from Sannenzaka to Ninenzaka, and you will see the branch on your left.

    From Kiyomizudera

    Take Matsubara street down to Kiyomizuzaka, pass the stone pavement slope continuing from Annenzaka (Sannenzaka) toward Ninenzaka. It takes about 20 minutes on foot.

  • 32 mins by train
  • 8 mins walking
  • 24 mins walking
  • 26 mins walking
  • 10 mins walking
  • 11 mins walking
  • 15 mins walking
  • 8 mins walking