Access Bản đồ

  • Get off Kyoto City bus at ‘Kinkakujimichi’

    Go west toward Kinkakuji, take a slight left turn at the end, you will see the branch on your left. It takes about 3 minutes on foot.

    From JR line at Kyoto station

    Take Kyoto city bus number 205 for route‘Kinkakuji・Kitaohji Bus terminal’ from B3 bus stop. Or, take Raku bus number 101 for route ‘Nijohjoh・Kitanotenmanguh・Kinkakuji’ from B2 bus stop. Then, get off at ‘Kinkakujimichi’.

  • By taxi

    Tell the taxi driver, “Take Nishiohji street, and stop in front of Kinkakuji”. When you get off the taxi, turn left, the branch is on your left.

  • 60 mins by train
  • 9 mins by bus
  • 18 mins by bus
  • 50 mins by bus
  • 10 mins by bus
  • 24 mins walking
  • 15 mins walking
  • 23 mins walking