Some many kimonos and yukatas at Wargo!

Some many kimonos and yukatas at Wargo! Some many kimonos and yukatas at Wargo!


Good morning ~ !!! Kimono & Yukata Rental Wargo is back for another daily blog! (*’∀ `*) Today we decided to show our beloved readers some pictures of our Kyoto Tower Branch ~ ☆ As it’s the first thing we witness when we get out of  Kyoto Station, there is no way to miss that building! Kyoto

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Gionshijo, a couple & yukatas〜

Gionshijo, a couple & yukatas〜 Gionshijo, a couple & yukatas〜


. About a month ago we had the visit of Kim & Guy; the extravagant Australian Explorers!! They came right on time at Wargo Gionshijo branch to beneficiate of the first days of the Yukata Season 2017. Just to refresh your memory; Kim and Guy is a couple of travel bloggers. Travelers; do not miss

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Violet Arashiyama ★

Violet Arashiyama ★ Violet Arashiyama ★


Beautiful People; Goooooooood Morniiiiiiing!! We had the privilege this week to receive some beautiful pictures from one of our Arashiyama Store customer! The model is a young Taiwanese girl named Kuma Yanchi and the pictures have been taken by the professional photographer HuShin. Nothing would have been a better match to those amazing avant-garde violet hair

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Fireworks Season Time!!!

Fireworks Season Time!!! Fireworks Season Time!!!


Who says Japanese Summer also says Hanabi!! (Fireworks Festivals) . As Hanabi and Yukata are walking arm-in-arm as a duet, Wargo decided to expand both business hours and return hours on specific days during this period! Please look at the link below to find your favorite event and beneficiate of an extended renting period! . In

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Standard, Premium or High-End?

Standard, Premium or High-End? Standard, Premium or High-End?


Beautiful People, good evening!! ★ Today we decided to answer two questions that kill; ★ We want to rent kimono, but you always speak about yukata this summer. What is a yukata!? Also what is a ”Summer Kimono”!? → A kimono is very warm and is shaped by several layers. Also, the fabric that shapes

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Tanzaku ready?

Tanzaku ready? Tanzaku ready?


With July opening it’s doors we can say officially that we are entering the middle, but also the peak of summer! The temperature rises, but so does the festival and occasions to have fun and hang out in Japan!! Regarding this week, the question that kills is: Did you got your tanzaku ready for Friday!?

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Petit Gionshijo Store

Petit Gionshijo Store Petit Gionshijo Store


Good evening everyone!! (๑╹ω╹๑ ) We decided to talk about one of our very convenient stores, Petit Gionshijo Store!! If you have ever passed by one of our stores in Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Kamakura or Kanazawa, we highly suggest you try this one next time you feel like renting a kimono or a yukata! m(_

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Light-weight Sightseeing

Light-weight Sightseeing Light-weight Sightseeing


Hello everyone!! .。.:*☆ As we have reached the middle of summer, many have probably planned their vacations or travel. What about you? Wherever you go one thing is mandatory for any tourist; luggage, suitcase, bags and a bunch of belongings to carry!! As it can become problematic for a few, we wanted to share this tips

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Pure Nihongami!!

Pure Nihongami!! Pure Nihongami!!


Welcome to July〜!!! Today we would like to share with you some hair arrangements ideas, which complete like a cherry on a cake any kimono or yukata rental if you pass by the Land of the Rising Sun!!*・゜゚・*:.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.:*・゜゚・* We offer 3 options regarding hairdo; Basic (¥900), Premium (¥1,900) & Custom (¥3,500). We also take this

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Playful Photoshoot

Playful Photoshoot Playful Photoshoot


Good morning beautiful people!! How is the weather in your town today? ( ´ ▽ ` ) In Japan, we are ending a beautiful melancholic week of rain. As we are not made of chocolate and melt under the weather it doesn’t stop us from having fun! Pick up your favorite umbrella and go wander around in

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