Yukata Rental for the Biwako Fireworks Festival?

Hello beautiful people!!

How was the Sumida River Fireworks Festival?

It seems that besides the heavy rain the event successfully proceeded and that several customers dressed in their favorite vivid yukata gathered at the river to watch the mesmerizing sparks of colors!

No need to be sad if you couldn’t attend; another opportunity is coming next Tuesday; Biwako Fireworks Festival in the Shiga Prefecture!! (Close to Kyoto.)

Instead of a river, the event is being held above the Lake Biwa, promising a breath-taking scenery and a beautiful mirror effect on the water of the lake.

If you fear the congestion of people, you can easily reserve a seat by buying a ticket. The venue is very wide and offers 27, 000 seats! We have no doubt that you will find the right spot for you and your friends or companion!!

We might not have shops in Shiga, but tons in Kyoto. Fortunately, the access to the venue is very easy from Kyoto. About 55 minutes in bus and 9 minutes by the JR Biwako Line from Kyoto Station!!

As a doctor doesn’t operate without a white blouse or the military without camouflage; why not experience the Biwako Fireworks in the more pure and traditional way by renting a yukata?

For simply ¥2,500, you can rent a yukata set with accessories and dressing fees included! No need to rush with the trains and bus as, especially that day, our Kyoto Tower, Gionshijo, Petit Kyoto Station and Petit Gionshijo branches allow you to bring back your rent until 22:00!!

Here are some recent pictures of our customers; please use them as reference for your own rental experience!!















◉Biwako Fireworks Festival◉

Date: August 8th (Tue)
*Reported August 11th in case of bad weather.

Hours: 19:30 – 20:30

Tickets: Adv: ¥3,900 Day: ¥4,400


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