Do you know Mamechiyo yukata?

Good afternoon from Kyoto ~~ (`· ω · ‘) b

Kimono and Yukata Rental Wargo is back after exciting Obon Holidays!! How was yours? Where did you go? Did you took the opportunity to put a nice yukata on? Summer is getting near it’s end; do not miss a single second of it!  (*’∨` *)

Today, the staff from our Gionshijo branch wanted to introduce one special yukata rental plan. The originality of those design is hard to find somewhere else! If you pass by one of our store in Kyoto, you must request the…

♡♡ 「Mamechiyo Modern Yukata Plan!」 ♡♡

~ A blend of traditional yukata culture & modern unique motifs ~

Basically a rare and exciting variety of avant-garde brand yukatas waiting and daring to be selected by you!



◆「Aqua Blue Parasol」

This pale blue color will manage to sweeten your summer afternoon! This shade will also relax & delight your senses by matching the soft peach pink of the umbrella / parasol motifs!  (人’ω `*) ♡




◆「Ayame」 Blended in red, white and black; the ayame ‘iris’ flowers look very chic and elegant! Suitable for those of you who want to look mature and mysterious, hohoho! No need to explain how this pattern is unique by mixing those mature colors with a soft pastel palette!  (*’∀ `*) ノ. + ゚ *.




Besides the interesting prints, renting Mamechiyo Modern is like renting a piece of culture. The designer Mamechiyo being the godmother of kimono revival!!ο (*’˘` *) ο

Compared to the usual procedure, the Mamechiyo Modern yukatas all comes in pair with a special matching designed obi!!♡♡ ☆ *. · (* ゝ ∀ · *) ノ

Just look as example to this adorable watermelon printed one!!「Suika」




Or to this obi that looks simple by it’s plain off white color, but also stunning by the addition of those amazing realistic looking embroidered butterflies!! *. ヾ (.> V <.) ノ ゙ *.




What do you think of the Mamechiyo Plan? Admit that you crave trying it!! Quantities are limited to each store and only available in the Kyoto area, so make sure to reserve your chance to wear one in advance!!

Wargo staff can’t wait to see you!! ♡ *. ヾ (.> V <.) ノ ゙ *.

Thank you very much for reading us once again today! We are looking forward hearing from you!!

Feel free to contact us anytime! ^^

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Kimono Rental Wargo – Gionshijo Store

Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Shijoohji Kudaru Nishigawa, Yamato-cho 7, Gionshijo Jissai Building 3F 

1 minute walk from Gionshijo Station! 5 minutes walk to Yasaka Shrine!

Business Hours:09:00~19:00 (return before 18:30)

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