Blogger’s Recommendation for renting kimono in Japan

Hello kimono and yukata lovers! )^o^(

Today, we decided to give the voice to our beloved customers.

As a shop we are naturally more than proud of our services. We also judge that nothing is better guarantee than actual real testimonial.

Three customers.
Three experience.
Three pieces of authenticity.




★Let’s start with the blog of Cathy. She visited us a year ago to our Kyoto Tower branch.
Please follow her here: Petiteness by Cathy


★The second blog is by Allan. Find his journey through Osaka with his accomplice Fanfan through the link below.
Please follow their adventures here: Live Less Ordinary


★And finally the third blog written by another Katie! She also visited our Kyoto Tower branch.
Find more about her traveler group here: Travelteachtalk

Thank you very much to the three of them and to all our beloved customers!❤︎

We are looking forward hearing your stories!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*

Do not be hesitate to contact us for more information from whenever you like :

Line@ lvv9152n

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