Be like Japanese for 1-day in traditional outfit kimono

Time flies; we already reached the middle of the Golden Week!

Do you enjoy it so far? One week is so quickly gone when there is so many possible activities to do!

We are celebrating today the second holiday of the Golden Week: The ”Constitution Memorial Day”. (Kenpo Kinenbi)

As the name stipulates, May 3rd celebrates the establishment of the constitution of Japan on May 3, 1947 after World War II.

As a fundamental politic day, many people use it to meditate about Japanese government and democracy. You find many article linked to those questions in the newspapers and many people takes a minute to go visit the National Diet Building where the Constitution was made. (The building being open to the public on that day.)

What a perfect way to celebrate Japan’s fundaments than renting a kimono!

Experts or novices are both welcome and awaited by our professional dedicated crew!

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