The best kimono and yukata rental in Okinawa "Kimono Rental Wargo Okinawa Naha store"

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Let's go to the city of Okinawa with beautiful kimono

The largest store in Okinawa area! Kimono Rental Wargo Okinawa Naha store is directly connected to Okinawa City Monorail Yui Rail Asahibashi Station! Located at Naha OPA, right from Asahibashi Station. You can easily rent a kimono for a ceremonial occasion such as wedding party or you can take a stroll in yukata. If you use the next day return plan, you can use it until 3 pm the next day. The stock of kimonos and yukatas are the largest in Okinawa area, so you can always find your favourite from wide variety of patterns. In addition to men's and children's plan, foreigners can also choose extra sizes, so please come to the store without worry.

Okinawa Naha store'sCloser Look
  • Formal Kimono

    Dressing • Accessories
    Full Set


  • From casual to
    formal gorgeous kimono

    9,120 pieces
    (As of 2018)

    Extensive collection

  • Naha Bus Terminal
    Direct access


Kimono Rental Wargo Okinawa Naha

Available kimono

Kimonos collection from other branch stores can also be rented! See more information Store Rental Flow page
Kimonos collection from other branch stores can also be rented! See more information Store Rental Flow page

Store Information

Kimono Rental Wargo

Okinawa Naha store

AddressOkinawa Prefecture Naha City Izumizaki 1-chome 20-1 Okinawa Naha OPA 2nd floor

Operating Hours10:00-21:00 (*Last reception 17:30 *Last returning time 19:00)

  • Yukata

  • Houmongi

  • Furisode

  • Kuro-Tomesode

  • Iro-Tomesode

  • Ubugi

  • Hakama,Nishakusode

  • Shichigosan

Other branch stores

Yukata Rental Plan

Rental Set
Standard Yukata Plan
Summer means Yukata!The Basic Plan

Standard Yukata Plan


The most popular affordable plan for customers who want to rent yukata especially for the first time and want to experience yukata cheaply and easily. It features a wide range of classic pattern yukata that can create a cute and calm atmosphere. It is also popular with those who want to enjoy a coordinated color with combination of obi’s accessories.

Couple Yukata Plan
Best Choice for Two ♪

Couple Yukata Plan


Kyoto's cheapest standard yukata is offered at affordable price for couples! Everything is set, from yukata set, accessories, basic hairdo and professional dressing service! Let’s wear Yukata for summer date!

Men's Yukata Plan
Yukata for men with smart look

Men's Yukata Plan


A yukata set plan for male customers with wide variety of pattern and colors for summer, looking cool just like Japanese boys. In summer there are many fireworks display and festivals, so does male customers who wants to wear yukata which more refreshing. We provide wide range of yukata in size and style, so that young people to the elderly of various ages can enjoy.

Brand Yukata Plan

Brand Yukata Plan


Special plan limited in some branch store/area which designed by famous brand. Not only the brand yukata is made by designers, but it also has special features for each on the material. We also provide additional items if you want to be more gorgeous with accessories. Perfect choice to wear in festival, fireworks events, dinner, and many more!

Reservation Availability

Reservation status


Enjoy Okinawa! Recommended sightseeing spots

Speaking of Okinawa, it is a famous tourist spot with beautiful seas and delicious local cuisine! Everyone is yearning to go here even just once in their life! Here are some of the sightseeing spots that recommended to visit in kimono to enjoy Okinawa even more!

Speaking of Okinawa, it is a famous tourist spot with beautiful seas and delicious local cuisine! Everyone is yearning to go here even just once in their life! Here are some of the sightseeing spots that recommended to visit in kimono to enjoy Okinawa even more!

  • Shuri Castle
    Shuri Castle has seen the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom for 450 years. The red-painted castle also incorporates Chinese technology. It is registered in World Heritage site.
  • Tamaudun Mausoleum
    A tomb of the second royal family near Shuri Castle. Here you can feel the weight of history. You can see that the atmosphere changes as soon as you pass through the gate.
  • Shikinaen Garden
    A historical garden that has been used for generations for royal recreation and as a hospitality for guests. This place shows various faces depending on the season.
  • Gokokuji Temple
    This is the oldest temple in Okinawa. It was once a king's prayer / worshipping place. Why don't you pay a visit here in kimono or yukata?

Why rent in Wargo?

Reason why people choose
  • REASON 1

    Dressing fee and accessories,
    all included!

  • REASON 2

    [Delivery Rental]
    or [Rental In Store]
    both are available to choose!

  • REASON 3

    Fitting for Formal Kimono Rental
    Free up to 30 minutes!

  • REASON 4

    Kimono rental with full set+dressing fee included.

  • REASON 5

    <Rental In Store>



  • REASON 6

    <Delivery Rental>

    Relax with 4 days 3 night period
    &No shipping fee in all around Japan!

Dressing fee and accessories, all included! ¥2,980 +tax~

Kimono Rental Wargo is affordable even if you compre at prices of other brand in Japan.
Please enjoy our best service at affordable price!
Average price of a kimono rental (all set and dressing fee included)
  • Tokyo average price
  • Okinawa Average Price
  • National average price
  • Kimono Rental
    ¥2,980 +tax

    In Kimono Rental Wargo, price are set to be the most affordable one.

[Delivery Rental] or [Rental In Store], we both provide this service!

Kimono Rental Wargo allows you to deliver everything you need by "Delivery Rental (宅配レンタル)” for formal kimonos choice,
You can also choose “Rental In Store” if you want to visit the store and have our staff dressed you up.

Delivery Rental 〈free shipping!〉

  • Reserve from website or our store
  • Item will arrives 2 days in advance
  • Wearing the kimono
  • Returning after the following day

Rental In Store

  • Reserve online or directly at the store
  • On the day
    dressing at the store
  • Going out in kimono
  • Returning kimono at the store

* Use the “Return Next Day” options to extent the rental period and return it on the next day or later.

* Hair makeup and photography plan are also available as an option. Please feel free to contact us.

You can consult with a kimono dressing professional! A 30-minute free preview/fitting service!

From all over 2,000 kimonos in all stores, you can try on a kimono that suits your size and taste.

Veteran dressers will offer kimono coordination that suits your needs and purpose, so you can feel secure even for the first time.

There is also a kimono collection

which not listed on website or catalog.

Accessories such as obi, sandals and bags

can be choosen from a wide selection

*After free 30 minutes preview, the fee is 1,000 yen (+tax) for every 30 minutes.

Full set rental of what you need

This rental price also includes the accessories set of sandals, bags, tabi socks, kanzashi, and other items necessary for dressing and going out. In the case of home delivery rentals, they will be delivered in a special bag.

* The above is example for casual kimono.

Delivery Rental Exclusive Bag

〈Rental In Store〉 Hairset ¥0 ~

Since it is a special opportunity to wear a special kimono or yukata, hair set must be cute too! Kimono Rental Wargo has many cute hairset style for you!

A professional hairstylist master will serve you one by one! Even short hair customers are OK too!

Our company’s brand

Original Kanzashi
(Hair Accessories)


〈Delivery Rental〉 4 days 3 nights extended rental. Of course free shipping all around Japan!

Kimono Rental Wargo provide “Delivery Rental” that delivers a set of necessary items by home delivery. You can choose either “Rental In Store” to visit the store and dress up.

  • 2 days before
    Kimono Package
    Bag Delivered
  • 1 day before
  • Date of Use
  • Next Day
    Kimono Package
    Bag Return

When the “date of use” is May 10 Date of Arrival

  • 5/8
    Date of Arrival
  • 5/9
  • 5/10
    Date of Use
  • 5/11
    Returning Date

* If you wish to extend the loan period, please specify from the calendar when applying. We accept extension for 1,000 yen (+ tax) per day.

Make kimono rental reservation

About Kimono Rental Wargo Okinawa Naha store

Kimono Rental Wargo in Naha, Okinawa opens in the Naha OPA building! The location is directly connected to Asahibashi Station on the Okinawa City Monorail Yui Rail. Not only sightseeing in yukata, but also many formal kimono that can be worn at ceremonial occasions, such as Houmongi and Furisode are also available. We accept formal kimono reservation at any time!