The Group Kimono Rental Plan!!The Group Kimono Rental Plan!!

The best for group travelers!! Get 10% off on a group of 8 persons and more!!

Obtain 10%OFF on all our plans if your group counts 8 persons or more!!
We invite you to contact us as fast as possible to place your reservation in order to prepare the space for the dressing and the hairdressing for you. As for a regular reservation you are welcome to go explore the streets with your group when the dressing is completed!♪

Special Plan for organized groups of 20 persons and more!

Ideal for organized field trips or school travelling! Rent a complete kimono set including dressing fee and accessories for only 2,500 yen per person if your group counts 20 persons and more!!
Our wider dressing space in Kyoto is available in our Kyoto Tower branch; 40 persons can be dressed in 45 minutes!
We invite you to contact us at least a month in advance in order to prepare properly your visit.

List of participating shops

・If the time slot of your choice is complete, please contact us via phone or email.
・Prices may vary depending the seasons.
・This promotional price is non-valid during the peak season.
(March, April, July, August, October, November) Thank you for your understanding.
・We accept reservations for Business Trips; please contact us for more details.

An introduction to casual kimono rental with Wargo

Our Kanazawa Korinbo branch is located on the ground floor of the Korinbo Tokyu Square, next to the famous Kanazawa Kenrokuen Garden! Enjoy reading the blog hold by our skillful dressing professionals and staff of the Kanazawa Korinbo branch! Kanazawa Kenrokuen is one of the widest and most famous garden in Japan. For this reason it is one of the most popular sightseeing spot of the area. Do not miss a chance to visit this beautiful landscape and admire the blooming cherry blossoms, the vivid autumn leaves, the majesty of winter or illuminations. Kanazawa Kenrokuen is a unique chance to watch the charming beauty of all the seasons in one place.