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    • 2 mins walk from Kyoto Station!!
    • Next to Yasaka Shrine!♪
    • 30 secs from Saga-Arashiyama Station!!
    • 1 min walk to Kiyomizudera!!
    • 5 mins to Togetsukyo!!
    • Formal Kimono Specialized Shop
    • Kimono Rental for only 1,900 yen!!♪
    • 3 mins walk from Gionshijo Station!!
  • Osaka

    • Direct access from Daimaru Shinsaibashi Station!!
  • Kanto

    • 2 mins walk from Kamakura Station!!
    • 5 mins from Asakusa Station!!
    • Tokyo Famous SKYTREE TOWN 1F
  • Hokoriku

    • 8 mins walk to Kenrokuen Park!
  • 福岡

    • 太宰府駅から徒歩1分!
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For the period from 6/26 to 8/31, "Kimono for sightseeing" rental is canceled. During that period, please use "wear Yukata". In addition, we are offering year-round visit wearing / attaching etc. which we offer at "Wear at the event".
※ Please note that in the Event day only return date will be the final return time.