Match your hairstyle with Kimono

Kimono Hairstyle

『Our professional hairstylists clearly know which hairstyle matches your kimono!
Hairdo Plans of Kyoto Kimono Rental wargo』

Because kimono or yukata always make best match with Japanese hairstyle! Our professional hairstylists will arrange your hair to match with the Japanese classical dress! Our hairstylist has solutions for short hair too. In addition, you can choose your favorite kanzashi from our kanzashies store!

Braids and Updos at attractive price!

Basic hairdos

We recommend Japanese hairstyle when you wear kimono! In our Basic hairdo plan, we prepare many kinds of Japanese styles such as curly updos, braided updos, etc. If you have got short hair, that's not a problem to our hairstylists. You will be satisfied with their professional hands. Enjoy the walk with your amazing new look.

Curly updos, Heap style OK! Selected professional stylish

Premium Hairdo

On special days, for special kimono and yukata, we recommend this advanced professional plan. We perform different hairstyles from updos, curly styles, etc. by different styling tools such as curly iron, hair straighteners, and steam straighteners.

Upgrade to the elegant hair style

High end hairdo plan

Enjoy the elegant atmosphere around the hair style that matches with the senior kimono. Besides, we have many decoration items for hair and hakama.

We will create your favorite hairstyle
(Limited at Kyoto Tower branch)

Freestyle hairset

It's a unique order for professional stylists. Please describe details of the style you want or show us photos of your desired hairset. (Reservation is required)

We lend you Kanzashis for FREE!


No matter what plan you choose, we always have the matching kanzashis for you to chose. Also, for all kinds of hairdos you can borrow those kanzashis!

Standard hairset with kanzashi is available at all stores. Other upgraded hairstyles are limited at some store.

Domestic call center 075-600-2830

Introduction of Kyoto Tower Store Salon

Kyoto Tower Store Salon

At Kyoto Tower Store Salon, we prepare 8 clean, bright and spacious booths on east side. As we try to represent the starting point of your Kyoto trip as calm antique atomosphere!


Free Hairdo

Freestyle hairset0Yen

Fringe & Bangs Option

Bangs opstions500Yen(+tax)

Simply curly bangs for a difference look

Basic Hairdo

Basic hairdos900Yen(+tax)

  • Fringe & Bangs Option

    Curly hair options

    For an extra ¥500(+tax), we can curl your fringe and side hair.

    * The Basic Hairdo (¥900) do not include the use of hair straightener or curl iron.

    * Basic beautiful hairstyle without using hair curling machine

Premium Hairdo

Premium hair style1,900Yen(+tax)

High-End Hairdo

High-end hairset2,900Yen(+tax)

High-End Hairdo

High-end hairset (kimono + hakama)2,900Yen(+tax)