VIP Men Kimono Plan

VIP Mens Kimono Plan

  • Limited to 5 groups in a day

  • 15,000Yen

In addition to “ordinary” kimono style that consists of only kimono and haori, there is “Hakama” style included in the plan which will upgrade the status of men. There are many kimono rental, but only few plan offer Hakama. Make it possible to experience the traditional Japanese culture further. If you have fully enjoyed Kyoto where shrines and temples are lined everywhere, you can go back to the hotel with the kimono and use a convenient option which allows you to return the kimono from hotel (partial charge).

All included

No additional fee for dressing and small articles.

  • Kimono


  • Obi


  • Hadagi


  • Hadajuban


  • Tabi


  • Zori


  • Bag


  • Haori <span>(Winter use)</span>

    Haori (Winter use)

※At the moment, we can't update all of the Kimono in warehouses and stores by huge of quantity. So please go to the store and select the most pleasing Kimono!!

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