Store direction
Kyoto-fu Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Nakano-cho 541-4 Kanzashiya Wargo, Shinkyogoku 2F
09:00~18:00 ※Returning time 17:30。075-600-2830

Access Map

  • From Kyoto station JR line

    From Kyoto Bus Stop A1, take bus number 5 which goes to Ginkakuji temple - Iwakura; or from Bus Stop A2, take bus number 4, 17 or 25 which goes to Shijo-Kawaramachi - Ginkakuji temple or Shijo-Kawaramachi - Kitaooji Bus Stop). Then get off at "Shijo - Kawaramachi", walk to intersection of Shijo street and Kawaramachi street (about 5 minutes).

    From Keihan line in Gionshijoh station

    Go west along Shijoh street. It takes you 20 minutes on foot.

  • From Hankyuh line in Shijohkawaramachi station

    Exit gate 9, and walk north to Shinkyohgoku shopping street. Walk about 50 meters or 5 minutes the branch is on your left.

    By taxi

    Tell taxi driver: “Go to Shijohkawaramachi, and stop in front of Shinkyohgoku street ” When you get off the taxi, get into the Shinkyohgoku arcade, walk about 50 meters, the branch is on your left.

  • 21 mins by train
  • 10 mins walking
  • 20 mins walking
  • 30 mins walking
  • 15 mins walking
  • 11 mins by bus
  • 12 mins by bus
  • 12 mins walking