Recommended Indoor Places to Visit in Kurashiki Area


Hello everyone~!

Today we are going to introduce some recommended indoor spots in Kurashiki Area.

If it rains, you may think that going out with kimono is a bit uncomfortable … but you do not have to worry because Kurashiki has many spots that you can enjoy even indoors!  (* ^^) v

First of all, we have…


Ohara Museum of Art




This Ohara art museum is a famous museum where El Greco’s work called “conception announcement” exists.  This work depicts the scene that the angel Gabriel tells us that he will take care of Jesus to Mary. And despite this mysterious and sacred work of art,

It seems that at the time this art was sold it was a considerably expensive price at the time, and so it is said that the existence of this work in Japan at the present is like a miracle.

It is a work that we really suggest for you to see even once ♪

There are also many artworks of internationally renowned authors such as Monet and Gauguin. For those who do not know much about paintings and sculptures.. do not have to feel down-hearted! (/ ω \) There are also guides with earphones so you can understand more about the works!

In addition, there are other works of artists currently active also such as Mr. Ninagawa Mika from the Western painting of Japan and Yayoi Kusama are exhibited in the branch, so visiting this place is really worthy. Please come by when you are in Kurashiki! ♡


Okayama prefecture Kurashiki City Central 1 – chome 1-15

■ Business hours

9: 00 ~ 17: 00

■ Closed date

Monday (open if Monday is a holiday)

■ Access

15 minutes on foot from Kurashiki Station

Next is to introduce


Machiya – Cafe Miyake Shouten

This cafe is an old private house cafe which was reformed from a building of the townhouse in the late Edo period, and it is located in one corner of the aesthetic area ♡

The inside of the store has plenty of retro feels and a long earth-floor continues to the back, so the compatibility with kimono surely matches perfectly (* ^^) v

It’s one of the recommended things to sit leisurely and comfortably here after walking around in Kurashiki because you can feel at ease even if you wear kimono!



The most popular of Miyake shops here is the “parfait” using seasonal fruits from local Okayama prefecture, and every season it is very popular ♪

Apart from parfait, there seems to be plenty of visitors craving for its curry, and sometimes you need to queue at lunchtime even on weekdays (* ‘▽’)

You will be tempted by the scent of its curry spice that makes you flutter!

Since curry, cakes and parfait set also can be chosen, it is really a recommended place to eat  ♥ In addition, in the vicinity of the store’s entrance, there is a local fruit jam made at Miyake shop cafe studio and baked goods are sold. It seems that this jam is actually attached to the parfait of cafe menu and cake. But you can buy some as souvenirs and also for your own self ♪


Furthermore, a lot of masking tape is lined up because Kurashiki is the origin of this.

Why don’t you try to buy one for your journal diary?  (‘艸 `*)



3-11 Honcho Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture

■ Business hours

Different seasons, so be sure to check!

■ Access

12 minutes on foot from Kurashiki Station South Exit

Finally, the last place we would like to introduce is…


Okashidokoro – Kikkodo

“Kikkodo” is a sweet shop near the entrance of the aesthetic area!


There are various items from Japanese confectionery to the Western cake. You can experience hand-burning traditional taste “Murasuzume” that has been handed down for over 130 years ♪ Murasuzume is a sweet that is also a specialty of Kurashiki wrapped in Hokkaido’s red bean paste in a crepe-like fabric, It looks like a fluffy dumpling in plenty tightly packed Anko dough ♪

File:Murasuzume Kurashiki.JPG

It is irresistible for those who love such Japanese sweets!

Murasuzume made by hand-burning experience can be done and get right on the spot! It is very fun to make traditional taste by yourself and eat them freshly baked ♪ Moreover, although it can be jumbo size which is seven times larger than usual, this place also contains white rice dumplings besides anko ♡

Jumbo size is not sold at stores but can be tasted only by hand-burning experiences, so we definitely recommend a jumbo size to those who do hand-burning experiences (● ‘ω `●) ノ


2-22-13 Aki Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture

■ Business hours

9: 00 ~ 18: 00

■ Access

10 minutes on foot from Kurashiki Station


So, how do you think about the three places above?

In Kurashiki, there are plenty of spots that can be enjoyed even indoors, so in another article, we would like to introduce you again ♪

Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikanchiku store which only 1-minute walk to Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter has a very crowded cityscape, and there are many discoveries just by taking a short walk (* ^^) v

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Recommended Indoor Places to Visit in Kurashiki Area
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Recommended Indoor Places to Visit in Kurashiki Area


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