Must Visit Recommended Photogenic Spots in Kamakura


Hello everyone!
How is your spring holiday this year?

Have you made lots of memories?
It is fun to look back on what we had done in a year after the holidays end ^ ^
Especially whenever I see pictures posted on Instagram, memories of the day will come out!
Here in this column, we would like to introduce ‘Photogenic Spot in Kamakura’ ! It might be a reference for you who want to have a trip to the area.
Kamakura is an antique town with scenic views that can not be found in Tokyo, and those who want to make a day trip or a photo session, there are many popular recommended destinations!
Take a look at this column and let’s go to the tour of Kamakura ♪

「Kamakura x Kimono」Things to Notice

Kamakura is close to Tokyo and has many sightseeing spots, which is also a place recommended for weekend day trips. Kamakura has become a stage for various manga and movies, there are photogenic stylish spots and various tourist attractions that can not count on historical sites. Perhaps, if you go to Kamakura you can not go around leisurely in one day! But there are many with easy access and convenient enough even when you wear kimonos or yukata! So do not worry about fatigue of feet ~
Kamakura has such many sightseeing spots, but especially if you are going to Kamakura trip this time, please take a look to Kimono rental Wargo staff recommendation! \ (^ O ^) /

[Place no 1] Enoshima Electric Railway

Have you ever heard of the name “Enoden”?
Enoden is one of the means of travel for many people who wish to do full-fledged Kamakura sightseeing which connects Kamakura, Enoshima and its surrounding spots from Fujisawa station. And that ‘s an example of a pot brought to you by traveling with Enoden: Kamakura Koukou Eki Mae station!
This place has been appearing in the ending song of animation “SLAMDUNK” which became booming domestically and abroad for quite a while. It is attracting the most attention as an anime fan’s holy place pilgrimage place. Enoshima railway which exceeded 100 years or more, the appearance of the station building and the train itself is retro and the atmosphere at the station can be enjoyed sufficiently. And, after all, Enoden’s photogenic attraction is the blue sea which can be seen from inside the car running along the coast!
As this spot chooses the pre-shooting of a couple getting married, it will be evidence of photogenic appeal, so why do not you try going there once.
Wearing kimono, of course, will double this charm.

Please refer to these photos from our customers ~ (^ _ ~) ☆

“Enoshima Electric Railway” in front of Kamakura Koukou Eki Mae station
【Access】 Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura City Higokoshi 1 – chome 1-25
· 18 minutes by train from Kamakura Station
· Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi shop from train + 20 minutes on foot
【Phone Number】 0466-25-3480 (Enoshima Station)
【Website】 https://www.enoden.co.jp/

[Place no 2] Houkokuji Temple

In Kyoto there is a famous tourist spot called “small bamboo grove / Arashiyama”, but bamboo groves like another world spread in Kamakura and there are spots! It is “Houkokuji Temple”.
In addition to bamboo groves, there is a tea ceremony in the back of the Houkokuji Temple, you can enjoy Matcha and sweets while watching the bamboo grove. As a tourist destination, as well as a power spot it will be a strong appealing point, so when visiting Kamakura it is one of the places I’d like to stop by.
Why do not you take a photo of the bamboo grove and take photogenic pictures?
Also, around the rainy season (May – June) there are plenty of beautiful blues, purple, white and pink color hydrangeas, so you should be able to take more pictures of living ^ ^
Enjoy surrounded by nature, please spend your time in the Houkokuji Temple with kimono at a time to make you mind and body healed ~ ♪

【Access】 2 Komi-eji 2 – chome, No. 4, Kamakura city, 248 – 0003
· 12 minutes by bus from Kamakura station
· Kimono rental wargo Kamakura Komachi store bus + 14 minutes on foot
【Phone Number】 0467-22-0762
【Website】 http://www.houkokuji.or.jp/index.html
【Admission fee】
· Admission fee 200 yen
· Matcha (with confectionery) 500 yen
【Time】 9: 00 ~ 16: 00 Matcha reception until 15: 30.
※ There is a case where the reception of Matcha is temporarily stopped during congestion.
The year-end and New Year holidays 12/29 – 1/3 are suspended for worship.
Weather may cause you to stop viewing.
Please do not use the tripod when photographing.

[Place no 3] Kotokuin – Great Buddha Kamakura

The symbol of Kamakura, the Buddha of Kamakura in Kotoku-in. It is a huge Kamakura Great Buddha with a height of about 11.3 meters and a weight of about 121 tons. And inside is hollow, you can also watch a large Buddha womb inside from the reception on the right side of the Great Buddha. Kotokuin is one of the famous Japanese sightseeing spots and it is gaining popularity for overseas tourists to become “Giant Big Buddha!
Regardless of the seasons of spring and autumn, it is a merit that this spot has its photogenic charm unchanged throughout the year ^ ^ You will definitely want to wear kimonos and have lots of nice photos taken. Let’s send out the charm of Japanese culture and Kamakura to the world ~!

【Access】 Nagatani Kamakura -2-28
· 13 minutes by train and on foot from Kamakura Station
· Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi shop from train + 15 minutes on foot
【Phone Number】 0467-22-0703
【Website】 http://www.kotoku-in.jp/
【Admission Fee】 General 200 yen · Elementary school student 150 yen


How was these three recommended “Photogenic Spot” in Kamakura?
Unlike Tokyo, there are many pictures that can only be taken in Kamakura!
After all, when you sightseeing by kimono, beautiful scenery will be more beautiful usually!
Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi shop has easy access to many famous sightseeing spots! Only 2 minutes walk from Kamakura station! If you go to Kamakura, please come to the shop ♪

We are waiting for everyone’s visit (^ o ^)


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Must Visit Recommended Photogenic Spots in Kamakura
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Must Visit Recommended Photogenic Spots in Kamakura


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