Perfect Places to Visit in Fukuoka for Love’s Blessings



Hello everyone!

This time, we are going to introduce the power spot which is perfect for lovers, or those who is in search of love’s blessings in Japanese shrines!

The stage is..【Fukuoka】!

A trip around the power spot of love!
Those who want to visit please pay attention to this column below ~! Σ (`∀ ゚ ‘*)

Must Visit Place for Maiden Pursuing Love’s Luck!

[Hōmangū Kamado (Kamado) Shrine]



Homangu Kamado (Kamado) Shrine is located in Dazaifu city, Fukuoka prefecture,
It boasts a history of about 1350 years !!!!

From ancient times, it has been believed as a god who took care of “marriage” and “protection of parting away/miserable things”.
Because it is enshrined Tamayori Hime no Mikoto to the main god of priests, it longs for the virtue of attracting and bringing in the soul, and since then it has been widely progressed and known as God of Marriage.

It is famous as a marriage shrine that connects good relationship with men and women, family, friends, work fellows, and so on. In Fukuoka, girls who wish for the fulfillment of love often come together here! ✧ (‘ω’ *) و ✧

This is one of the amulets we want to introduce here:

{Koi Mamori Musubi no Ito}

“Love Protection Tied String”

It is an amulet of red thread worn as an accessory, with the price of  ¥ 1,500.
You can even make it as a bracelet, or a necklace! The “fruit of reunion” attached to the thread is said to be “a reunion tree”! It is an amulet that seems to increase girls’ power just by having it!

There are lots of other colorful cute little amulets!
How about choosing an amulet as a souvenir from Fukuoka? ♡ ┏──────────────────────────────┓

Homangu Kamado / Kamado Shrine

Reception: 9: 00-16: 00
Office: 8: 00-19: 00
Address: 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0115





Koinoki Shrine


Here are the red gate torii!!⤵︎⤵︎

Aren’t they cute?♡

In this torii, 10 hearts are hidden! ♥
There is a saying in this place, which is;

“I wish you a happy and wonderful encounter so that you can be filled with overflowing love” ♡
It is said that those who found all of them will be happy!
You need to find them if you are visiting this place!!

Actually, a shrine specialized in love is only one company here in Japan!
It is a very unusual shrine!

The God of Deity is a God of Romance!
Of course, the amulets shape is a heart! ♥

There are many hearts everywhere in this area! ♥
The color of this shrine is like no other shrine, it is cute pink!
Love fulfillment, good-hearted prayers, etc. It is believed as a God that exerts a tremendous effect on love-related requests ♡
The shrine is a bit far from the station and can not be said have good access, but many young ladies will come here from all over Japan as the holiday comes!

It can be said that it is an eyed spot of a girls journey!

Especially popular among women, there is “Koisando” [love’s path]!
Koisando is the way going to Koiki Shrine building!
What a cute path! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
As many visitors walk step by step, they walked with wishes in their mind and hearts.

So we call it “Koi no Michi” or is (a way of love).


Among young women, it is becoming a popular sightseeing spot and a hot topic!

They can not help it because indeed It is really cute! ♡


At Koinoki Shrine, we can also perform a wedding ceremony!
Isn’t it wonderful to perform a wedding ceremony at a place surrounded by heart~!

Koinoki Shrine
Destination place: 9: 00-17: 00
Address: 〒833-0027 Fukuoka prefecture Chikugo-shi Suiden 62-1




How was it! What do you think about those two places?
You really should go to Fukuoka when traveling to Japan! Also, wearing a kimono and going around the power spot is also very nice! When going to a place with a history, it is perfect outfit choices. Please come and visit us when you go to Fukuoka! ♪


Please look forward to another column from Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo~

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Perfect Places to Visit in Fukuoka for Love’s Blessings
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Perfect Places to Visit in Fukuoka for Love’s Blessings


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