Recommended Spots to Have Kimono Photoshoot in Kanazawa



In the blink of anymore in 2018 almost finished soon, 2019 will come!

Are you ready to do traveling for next year?

How about to go to “Kanazawa” that it is not lose in its beauty to Kyoto?

Kanazawa is a wonderful landscape and it is a very recommended place for those who like t take many beautiful pictures!

We would like to introduce Kanazawa’s “Photogenic Spot” this time.

If you are planning to travel to Kanazawa or want to go on a trip but you are still wondering where to go, be sure to refer to this column and enjoy the lovely streets of Kanazawa ♪

The Beauty in Every Season

【 春・Spring 】

Spring in Kanazawa is really beautiful!

Not only the famous Kanazawa Castle, but also the heart and body are healed by such as many sakura trees ! If you wear kimonos in spring, bright colors are still recommended, but vivid colors of kimono also match the spring scenery, so please challenge yourself those who like fashion! And of course do not forget to visit kimono rental wargo in Kanazawa Korinbo store!

\ (^ o ^) /


【 夏・Summer 】

Kanazawa is called “the city of rain”, but the summer is in good weather and very friendly to spend! Kimono rental wargo will prepare both yukata and kimono in June and September! (We will provide you only Yukata or Summer Kimono from July to August)

Yukata? kimono? Which one should we wear? If you are worried, please feel free to visit the store! You can directly compare what you want to wear! It is fun to choose a kimono! If you take  picture with a kimono under blue sky, you will be able to take a nice picture! There is also a limited event to be held in the summer, so please feel free to enjoy them in yukata or kimono ♪


【 秋・Autumn 】

If you would like to wear a kimono under autumn leaves trees. Please leave it to the staff who know Kanazawa area the best! The staff will tell you the spot that is exactly perfect in fall season and the photo spots that you can take pictures kimono beautifully!

Kanazawa’s sightseeing spots have few slopes and the space is wide so we can take photogenic pictures alone by using the camera stand! For example, this photo! ^ ^ It is lovely ~!


【 冬・Winter 】

Kimono in winter? What? It seems cold. . .

Although it may be though than the other season, please do not worry!

Wargo has prepared kimono coat, stole, fake fur, rain sandals etc so wearing kimono in winter are perfectly fine!

Access to Kanazawa’s sightseeing area is convenient from around the station, so it is recommended for day trip destination because major tourist spots are gathered! And, compared to Kyoto and Kanto, the rate of snow fall is high ♪

Please enjoy winter Kanazawa wearing warm clothes ♪


[Recommended Spot 1] Kenrokuen Garden

Speaking of Kanazawa’s sightseeing spot, the Japanese garden “Kenrokuen” (Kenrokuen) spreads beautiful scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter!

There is also a historic building in a beautiful garden and it is the perfect spot for photography!

There is also a Japanese garden, of course “Kimono” suits well here ☆

There are some rental kimono shops in Kanazawa, but there is a popular designer brand “Mamechiyo Modern Kimono” which is only provided in Kimono rental wargo!

Please choose your favorite kimono, then take a lot of photos ~ (^ _ ~) ☆



The autumn leaves light up will be done during the time when Momiji of Kenrokuen’s pond turns autumn! During the event period, it seems that there are various light-up concerts, “hospitality cafe”, and other fun projects, so it’s also recommended for kimono walking in the evening. There is an option for returning to wargo the next day, so please feel free to use it!

“Light Up Autumn Stage”

【Schedule】 November 9th – December 1st, 2018

【Hours】 17: 30 ~ 21: 00 ※ Entrance until 20:45

【Admission Fee】 Free

Kanazawa Castle · Kenrokuen Lighting up Autumn stage admission fee free (however, within normal hours it is charged)


No. 1, Marunouchi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0937 TEL 076-234-3800

· Train From JR Kanazawa Station, walk down Hokuriku Railway Bus and Rokkoen · Get off at Kanazawa Castle and walk

· About 30 minutes from car Hokuriku Expressway Kanazawa Nishi IC · Kanazawa East IC, about 20 minutes from Kanazawa Morimoto IC


[Recommended Spot 2] Nagamachi Samurai House

Nagamachi Samurai House (Nagamachi BukeYashiki) is so near with Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo! It is only 5 minutes on foot and very easy access! It is a very convenient tourist spot. This area is a residence trace where the clan lived, and people still live normally in the town street where the clay wall still there. Just walking around the stone pavement street of Nagamachi Samurai House’s residence makes you feel the atmosphere at that time. The trees are more beautiful in autumn than any other time of the year!


The Nagamachi samurai ruins trace is a very popular place to have the iconic photos of Kanazawa!

Please make a wonderful memory while feeling the history of Kanazawa and Japanese “Kimono culture” experience ♪


Nagamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0865

· Bus JR from Kanazawa Station to Hokuriku Railway Bus Get off at Korinbo 5 minutes on foot

【Admission fee】

· Free

[Recommended Spot 3] Higashichaya town

There are three teahouse streets in Kanazawa, but the most famous and big teahouse-town is “Higashi Chaya town”!

There are lots of restaurants where you can have cafe and lunch here, so you can take a break for a while and strolling arounf many fashionable stores while taking a picture with kimono! Please come and visit your friends and lovers!


There are lots of shops where you can take pictures of Kanazawa specialty food and sweets, So be sure to check out the place you want to visit about before going to Kanazawa ♪

In addition, Higashi Chaya Street has a cityscape as “Cultural Property”, and still we can hear the sounds of Shamisen and Taiko from the tea house.

Let’s take a lot of wonderful photos and send out the charm of Kanazawa to the world ~!


Kanazawa City Higashiyama, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0831

· Bus Nortetsu Bus · West JR Bus Get off at Hashiba town a 10 minute walk


How was the “Photogenic Spots” in Kanazawa?
Unlike Kyoto, there are many pictures that can only be taken at Kanazawa!

Not to forget, when you sightseeing by kimono, beautiful scenery will be more beautiful even usual~

Kimono rental wargo Kanazawa Korinbo is easy access to many famous tourist spots!
Please come to the shop at Seseragi Street 1F of Korinbouri Tokyu Square

For reservations, please visit our homepage!

We will be waiting for your visit (^ o ^)



That is it! There are still so many interesting story about Japan.

Look forward to another column from Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo~

Reservation for kimono rental is here ♪


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Recommended Spots to Have Kimono Photoshoot in Kanazawa
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Recommended Spots to Have Kimono Photoshoot in Kanazawa


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