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Ginza | Recommended Spots to Visit in Kimono in Winter


Hello, Kimono Rental Wargo here!
This time, we will introduce some sightseeing spots to visit in winter in Ginza area (^-^)

Kabukiza Theater

Kabukiza is a perfect place for kimono.
Its history dates back to 1899, in the Meiji era.
Kabukiza has been renovated five times following the Great Kanto Earthquake and the air raids of World War II.
Standing among the office towers, the current theater will give you an extraordinary experience (^-^)

Let’s see theatrical performances at Kabukiza during the cold winter!
If you’re afraid that you will not understand the content, or that the language seems too difficult, you can borrow an earphone with audio guides that explains the scenes while you are watching the stage, so you can watch it comfortably even on your first time♪

During this December’s night act session, there is a new Kabuki performance which story is based on the Grimm fairy tale “Snow White”, so it should be easy to understand even for the first timers☆

Kabukiza Theater

Address:4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan
Phone number: 03-3545-6800
Access: Directly connected to Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Toei Asakusa Line Higashi Ginza Station [Exit 3]

Tokyo Michi Terrace 2019

Can be reached by a few minutes walk from the Ginza area heading towards Tokyo Station, “Tokyo Michi Terrace” lets you enjoy a beautiful sight of pretty light up around the Marunouchi area.
Each year, the theme of the light up is different, this year light up title is “Light Anthem”.

Gyoko-dori street is transformed into a beautiful champagne gold colored space, using various LED lighting and the combination of images and lighting to create amazing performance on screens ☆
A Christmas tree shining in gold also appears in Marunouchi Square in front of Tokyo Station ✨

Other than that, in the Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas, various light up performances will be held to make Christmas more lively!

Tokyo Michi Terrace 2019

Period: December 21-December 25, 2019
Venue: Tokyo Otemachi / Marunouchi / Yurakucho area

Zakuro Shabu-shabu Restaurant

We can’t forget about shabu-shabu when we talk about winter!
It is the best feeling to eat warm shabu-shabu during the cold winter ❄️
From many shabu-shabu restaurants out there, we recommend this restaurant called Zakuro.

Zakuro have so many customers because of their shabu-shabu is using carefully selected beef, and also for their signature spicy sesame sauce.
“Shabu-shabu price in Ginza seems very expensive …!”
You might think like that, but actually Zakuro’s shabu-shabu can be enjoyed at a reasonable price, starting from 5500 yen!

Zakuro Ginza Store

Address: Ginza Sanwa Building B1F, 4-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-3535-4421
Business hours:
Weekdays: 11:30 – 15:00 (Last Order at 14:30)
Weekends, holidays: 11:30 – 16:00), 17:00 – 22:00 (Last Order at 21:00)
Access: 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station Exit A8d

Ginza Wako ANNEX Tea Salon

Ginza’s famous Wako Building is well known as the clock tower that has been standing for so long in the area.
The current clock tower was built in 1932, but as far back as its history, the first clock tower was built in 1894.

There is an elegant tea salon on the second floor of the Wako clock tower.
Apart from chocolate parfaits and cakes that can be enjoyed all year round, a new, winter special sweets called “Yuzu and Orange Parfait” is very recommended.

It consists of vanilla ice cream and yuzu flavored chocolate, and on top of it, a special sauce that combines seasonal yuzu and orange is poured.
It is perfect for luxurious tea time in Ginza ☆

Ginza Wako ANNEX Tea Salon

Address: Wako ANNEX 2F, 4-4-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-5250-3100
Business hours: 10:30 – Last Order at 19:00 (Last orders at 18:30 on Sundays and holidays)
Access: Tokyo Metro “Ginza Station” Exit B1


Those were our recommended spots to visit in winter in Ginza, how was it?
Please spend a wonderful day in Ginza with elegant kimono ~ (^-^)
When going to light up events, please use the next-day return option that can extend the kimono returning time until 15:00 on the next day.
We are preparing many kimonos at Kimono Rental Wargo Ginza store and waiting for you to visit our store ☆

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Ginza | Recommended Spots to Visit in Kimono in Winter
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ginza light up

Ginza | Recommended Spots to Visit in Kimono in Winter


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