Places to go in Shinjuku while Wearing Kimono in Spring Season


Hello everyone ~ ~
It is Kimono Rental Wargo back again in the Sakura dancing season ✿

March is over, and the New Era issue was announced on April 1!

Have you heard about this before? After Heisei era, now it is the “Reiwa” era!

“When the early spring of the moon is seasoned,

the seasoning seasoned with a rose,

the plum blossoms with powder before the mirror,

and the orchid with a scent of a rose after”

It seems to be quoted from Manyoshu!

In the New Year issue, the meaning beyond the name is

“Culture is born and nurtured while people are beautifully loving each other”
We think it’s a very nice name!
It will change to a new year from May 1!
We are looking forward to it ☆ *

Also, by the end of March, Kimono Rental Wargo Shinjuku store opened!

Shinjuku in recent years is also popular among tourists.
It’s a bustling city that never sleeps! This time, we would like to introduce the recommended spots in Shinjuku area that would be a good destination after dressing up in kimono, in all season but especially in Spring!


Shinjuku Gyoen Park

It can be said that this one can not be removed from your itinerary!
Regardless of spring, you can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants throughout the year here.

Now that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, it is perfect for Hanami. Also, this park has some sakura flowers which bloom late than usual. It is a space where you can stay all day long.
Everybody has a picnic, bringing their own foods, enjoys the surroundings, even make a tent!

It is so green that you forget it is in the middle of Tokyo, it has clear air. Very cozy!

It is also wonderful to take a walk in the park wearing a kimono, don’t you think? The inside Japanese garden and ponds atmosphere goes well! ! (* ^ ^ *)

Notice that you can not bring in alcohol, The park is calm, so those who do not like the noise, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy time leisurely.


Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono Shrine is one of Tokyo’s leading power spots, serving as the total guardian of Tokyo Shinjuku. It is also in the middle of a large city and is always visited by many people.
Hanazono Shrine is originally famous as a prosperous business God, so many companies near Shinjuku are also welcome to visit here ☆


If there is a person who is troubled by work by your side,
With the message, “Every time you fail, you will get up and be successful!”
It may be good to recommend a visit to Hanazono Shrine.

The small “Hitoku Inari Shrine” in Hanazono Shrine is also a popular power spot, especially for young women and couples! It is believed that there are benefits for marital harmony, child giving, marriage, love fulfillment, etc.

When the cherry blossoms are blooming, the scenery is outstanding!
In another season, the big flea market that takes place in November is also busy and recommended to visit.

Samurai Museum

Samurai Museum in Shinjuku?!

Some may never hear about this place, in fact, it is in the middle of Tokyo in Shinjuku!

If you are interested in the Warring States period, this is the right spot !
In recent years, many foreign tourists are interested in Japanese culture.
The Samurai Museum is very popular! ! (^. ^)

Here you can see over 70 species of armors, and you can actually wear these armors.
You can also admire the skilled swordsmen, and a Japanese sword course is being held.

Experience type of sightseeing is really popular now.

Almost like a time slip, you can experience Shinjuku in different way.



How is it? This time we introduced the sightseeing spots in Shinjuku, but it is still not all of them yet! Shinjuku is suitable for sightseeing, shopping, and eating!

Why don’t you wear a kimono and try out your unordinary day in Shinjuku?

We will be waiting for your visit to our Shinjuku store~




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Places to go in Shinjuku while Wearing Kimono in Spring Season
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Places to go in Shinjuku while Wearing Kimono in Spring Season


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