Yukata for Kenrokuen Garden Light Up ☆

Hello everyone! Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo Store here ☆ Hokkoku Fireworks Display that we’ve been waiting for will be held this weekend! Are you ready to go with Yukata??

If you are one of these people, thinking that… “I’m going to go to fireworks display, but I don’t have time to buy a Yukata!” or, “I have a Yukata, but I still haven’t booked a reservation at the salon for the dressing,” please come to Wargo! Both Yukata Rental and bringing-in your own Yukata are possible (Mochikomi Plan). There are still some time frames for reservation available, so be quick! For more information, please contact us on the website (^o^)

In addition, not only fireworks display, there is another interesting event in Kanazawa. Located at Kanazawa Castle, ☆ Kenrokuen Light Up ☆ will be held next month. We can enter the castle area and Kenrokuen at night, something that we normally can’t do. You can enter the garden for free from 18:30 to 20:45.


There will be some events during this Light Up!

Kenrokuen Light-up Concert
By Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa
August 3, 10, 17, started from 19:00~ 20:00~

Gyokusen’inmaru Park Light Up Concert
August 10, 11, started from 19:30~ 20:30~

Omotenashi Café where you can enjoy sweets from Pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi
August 3, 10, 17

If you choose “Return on the Next Day” Plan by Wargo, you can enjoy the event without rush, and return the Yukata to Wargo Store on the next day. It is nice to walk around the park at night in Yukata~ ♫ Why don’t you take this opportunity to see the scenery you don’t normally see? We are looking forward to seeing you (^^)


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