We Went to Matsushima! An Adorable Cafe Recommendation!

Hello ♬ It is Kimono Rental Wargo Sendai Ekimae store.


Last weekend, we went to Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan!
Matsushima is a city on the northeast coast of Japan’s Honshu Island.
When we visited Matsushima, it was crowded with people going on family trips and trips with friends♪



The plum blossoms next to Entsuin Temple were also in full bloom! And it had a good scent.



Speaking of sightseeing in Matsushima, sightseeing boats, Zuiganji Temple and Entsuin Temple are famous among tourists.
This time we will introduce a cafe that we recommend you to visit when you have a chance♪



Shokado Cafe is a 7-minute walk from Matsushima Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line.
Located along the Matsushima coast, you can overlook the Matsushima coast from the seats by the window.



This cafe is famous for their castella and pudding.
The castella is moist and fluffy, and the pudding has a firm texture and sweet caramel with a little bitter taste to it (^^)♪


It is good to take a walk around Matsushima with a kimono. 
There is no mistake that you’ll be able to take many wonderful photos!


Here are some customers who have been using Kimono Rental Wargo’s service this week and have let us take beautiful photos!
Thank you for your wonderful smile!
We’re so happy to see it!





We look forward see you again (^^ ♪



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