“Kurashiki Winter Afternoon Tea” Event Has Started!

Hello. Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store here (^^)/
The days when you can feel the warmth of spring has finally came to Kurashiki ♪
However, on some days the temperature drops so much, so please be careful about your health ☆ (^^)


And in Kurashiki, you can enjoy “Winter Afternoon Tea,” an event that’s being held in some cafes and restaurants until March 15 ♪
This event offers luxurious meals and sweets that is both tasty and aesthetically pleasing, using seasonal specialty fruits of Kurashiki and Okayama and is displayed elegantly ★
This event is held twice a year: in summer and winter, and features the seasonal fruits “peach or grape” in summer and “strawberry” and “atatakai menu (warm menu)” in winter ☆


You can enjoy afternoon tea even at the [Restaurant Ivy] in Ivy Square, Kurashiki, which is close to Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store (^^)/



In addition to special pancakes, there are various sweets including croissant and other cakes topped with fresh strawberries ☆



The afternoon tea is available from 11:30 to 15:30.
You can enter the event only by reservation system, available for only 20 meals (^-^)


The other restaurants joining the event are:


Regular holiday: Monday and the second Tuesday every month


[Candle Taku Watanabe-tei]
Regular holiday: Monday, Tuesday


[Coffee & more Scarecrow]
Every Friday only


[Kurashiki Royal Art Hotel Hakkengura Restaurant]
No regular holiday


[Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel Wisteria]
No regular holiday


[Kurashiki Momoko Main Store]
11:00 ~ 13:00 ~ 15:00 ~
No regular holiday


[Kurashiki Momoko head store]
No regular holiday


[Kurashiki Momoko Central Store]
No regular holiday


[The Kamon]
Regular holiday: every Tuesday, second Wednesday every month


Regular holiday: every Tuesday


[Koeido Japanese Confectioneries store]
Regular holiday: December 31 and January 1


[Yumiko Igarashi Museum’s CafePrincess]
No regular holiday


[Yumekūkan Hashimaya]
Regular holiday: Tuesday, irregular holiday


Afternoon tea is a tea culture that originated in the United Kingdom, and served as a place to socialize among aristocratic women.
How about going to the afternoon tea in Kurashiki while wearing kimono ♪
It would be so lovely!


Here are some photos of the customers who visited us this week ★






So many customers came to our store last week and the staff were so happy to help everyone getting dressed in kimono (*^-^*)
See you at Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store (^^ ♪



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