Kurashiki’s Kawazu Sakura is in Full Bloom

Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store here.


This time we would like to introduce you to 🌸 Kawazu Sakura 🌸 in Kurashiki♪


As spring approaches, about 1,000 Kawazu Sakura will be in full bloom along the “Irifune no Michi” on the Kurashiki River banks.



Irifune no Michi is a popular walking path for local people and also a great place for cherry blossom viewing spot, this path offers an excellent view and is loved by everyone ♡



Kawazu cherry blossoms are characterized by the ability to bloom longer than the common cherry blossoms.
Sakura, a symbol of spring in Japan, it generally blooms from March to April, but in fact there are some cherry blossoms that bloom from the end of winter season, one of them is Kawazu Sakura.



We found a warbling white-eye bird or known as Mejiro in Japanese, perhaps it sit there because of the sweet honey scent of Kawazu Sakura!
Warbling white-eye birds have yellowish green bodies around their eyes.
Everyone, can you spot a Mejiro 🐤 in this photo?



We really enjoyed walking along the Irifune Road, and see the beautiful Kawazu Sakura slowly!


Maybe you should take a leisurely stroll along the Kurashiki River while feeling the early taste of spring too (*ˊ˘ˋ*)


The cherry blossom trees on the Kurashiki river banks are in excellent location, and are now in full bloom!!
The location is great to take pictures, so there is no doubt that you can take photogenic pictures ♡
Why don’t you take this opportunity to take a photo in a kimono with beautiful cherry blossoms as the background?
Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring in Kurashiki(^.^)♡ ‬


Here are some beautiful pictures of the customers who came to our store this week.






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We look forward to see you at our store (^^♪



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