♡ Yukata Girl Contest ♡ is Back Again This Year !!!

Hello everyone! It’s Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Arashiyama Ekimae Store. Yukata Girl Contest is being held again this year (^^) We’re going to show you some of our recommended spots around Kyoto, so get your Yukata at Wargo Arashiyama Store, take your best shots and apply for the contest, and win the prize!

Our annual contest is back again this year! It is really easy to participate :
1. Follow our account @kyotokimonorental.wargo on Instagram
2. Take photo with our yukata
3. Post the photo and add hashtag
#wargo #yukata #yukatagirl2019

「Instagram Yukata Girl Contest」
👉July 15, 2019 ~ August 20, 2019
👉Announcement : August 31, 2019

💝Grand Prize :
Shopping Coupon for all Wargo products ¥100.000
+Interview Coverage +Collaboration+Photo session as Wargo Model
💝Special Prize :
Shopping Coupon for all Wargo products ¥30.000
+Photo session as Wargo Model
💝Wargo Prize :
Shopping Coupon for all Wargo products ¥10.000
+Photo session as Wargo Model
Looking forward to your participation!

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Kyoto city is hot and humid because it is an area surrounded by mountains on three sides. Because of that, Arashiyama is definitely a Go-to place in summer time! It’s so beautiful and calming. Arashiyama was a place flourished with summer resorts and villas for nobles in Heian Period.

There is an iconic landmark of Arashiyama, Togetsukyo Bridge, which literally translates to “Moon-Crossing Bridge”. The poetic name was inspired by Emperor Kameyama, who witnessed a luminous moon rising above the river, appearing as though the moon itself was crossing the bridge. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Heian period while enjoying the fresh scenery on the banks of the river in Arashiyama, where the beautiful nature still remains.

Another famous spot in Arashiyama is Sagano, an area in north of the Togetsukyo Bridge. The atmosphere in Sagano is less touristy and more rural, with several small temples scattered along the base of the wooded mountains. One of the shrines is called Nonomiya shrine. This small shrine in a bamboo grove of Sagano area has a long history and is probably the Nonomiya referred to in Genji-Monogatari (The Tale of Genji), a masterpiece of Heian literature. Please take a walk while experiencing the culture nurtured by Heian nobles.

And the most popular spot, “Bamboo Forest”. The area where tens of thousands of bamboo grows is one of the most loved spots in Kyoto. Its smooth, refreshing sound, and refreshing smell, will let you cool down in the midst of summer heat! We are sure, you’ll be able to feel the wonderful view of Arashiyama, a land that gently healed the hearts of nobles who were tired of the city life. Take your best photo with Yukata in Arashiyama, a beautiful place that has been popular since the olden days.

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