Yukata for Summer! (with Some Extra Information about Obi)


Today’s blog came from Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Branch!

With the weather getting warmer each day, it’s a perfect time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

And of course, it also means it’s a perfect time for yukata!

Here are some photos of our customers wearing adorable yukata ^^


These customers are wearing a standard model yukata~^ ^


When wearing yukata, you need a thick fabric named Obi that is used like a belt to hold the yukata.


Compared to the ones used for kimono, obi for yukata are easier to wear and you can be more creative with the knots.


There are many ways to tie an obi for yukata.


You can choose to make it look simple, adorable, or colorful. ^ ^


There are countless possibilities~ !


As you can see on the picture, the customer on the right looks as if She was wearing obi from two sheets of fabric.


Actually, She was only using one sheet of fabric, but it has different colors on each side.


With being more creative with the way you wear obi, you can get a more colorful look~


Next customers! What an adorable couple! ♫


The lady is wearing a Premium Obi, combined with a black and white yukata!


It looks so beautiful! A very nice combination!


It was our introduction to some obi and some variations on how to wear it~


Our collection of obi and yukata has been increased recently!


The moment of choosing yukata and obi, also combining it would be much more fun!


We will be there to help you choose your obi and yukata, so don’t forget to visit our store when you come to Kanazawa!


See you!


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