★Bounded Celebrity★

We are quite indeed always proud to promote our affordable and economic kimono rental plans!!!

For once, we decided to do things differently and advertise the other side of the medal; the VIP Plan!

The VIP Plan allows you to elevate yourself from Kimono Beauty Rank to the next level of Kimono Superstar! Applicable to ladies, men, children and couples; no one is left behind the chance to take a tan under that amazing one-day fame spotlight!

Besides our regular options, the VIP Plan includes:

◉Complete private service offered by dedicated staff.

◉Pick up at your hotel.
※Depend on the hotel location; there is a possibility that we cannot proceed to the pick-up service. Make sure you have checked the “pick-up area” before making a reservation.

◉Possibility to return the kimono at your hotel.

◉Premium Hairset!

◉Possibility to choose up to 3 items within our services and options list!

◉Two obis can be selected; one for going out and one for your photoshoot.

◉Photoshoot in professional studio.

◉Special souvenir offered on your way home.

◉Hakama choice available for Men Plan.

→From ¥15,000 up to ¥25,000. As we accept only five persons/couples/groups per day, we suggest you to reserve now!


We are looking forward to help you bloom!